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Francisco Javier - The Route of the Orient / Savall, et al

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>Savall, Jordi : Francicso Javier
Performers Conductor Ensemble Composer

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Following the acclaim he garnered for his 'Christopher Columbus' project, Jordi Savall set out to recreate in music the voyages of St. Francis Xavier (1506- 1553). Between 1541 and 1552, the Spanish-born Jesuit missionary undertook several far-reaching expeditions to the East, making stops in Mozambique, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan (which he was among the first Europeans to discover). Music played an important role in winning converts among the people Francis visited: their native melodies were typically used for setting Christian texts. Musicians from some of these diverse cultures have now teamed up with Savall for this ambitious new recording. Listen as Western music meets African percussion and Japanese folk instruments in this stunning multi-cultural collaboration, packaged as a deluxe 300-page CD-Book.

"Highlights here include performances by El Maloumi (oud), Zuckermand (sarod) and Seki (shakuhachi), while the singing of Yokio Tanaka (accompanying himself on biwa), though not an easy taste to acquire, undoubtedly displays great skills. Savall's regular colleagues - Hespèrion, La Capella Reial and the divine Figueras - are as superb on this recording as ever." -BBC Music Magazine *****

"This interesting package traces Francis Xavier's life, from his birth in Navarre to his death off the coast of China. The music is beautifully performed and recorded. The first track, marking Xavier's birth, is an 'alba' played on the shawm. Vocal and instrumental pieces follow..." -Gramophone Magazine


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>Savall, Jordi : Francicso Javier :: La Ruta de Oriente, historical readings and music
  • Performers: Fahmi Alqhai (Viola da gamba); Lahoucine Baquir (Percussion); Sergi Casademunt (Tenor Viola da gamba); Lambert Climent (Tenor); Xavier Díaz-Latorre (Vihuela); Beatrice Delpierre (Shawm); Prahbu Edouart (Tabla); Driss El Maloumi (Oud); Montserrat Figueras (Psaltery); Montserrat Figueras (Soprano); Pierre Hamon (Flute); Masako Hirao (Bass Viola da gamba); Hiroyuki Koinuma (Shinobue); Begona Olavide (Psaltery); Dimitris Psonis (Bells); Dimitris Psonis (Percussion); Jordi Ricart (Baritone); David Sagastume (Countertenor); Jordi Savall (Vielle); Ichiro Seki (Shakuhachi); Yukio Tanaka (Biwa); Yuko Tanaka (Biwa); Ken Zuckerman (Sarod)
  • Conductor: Jordi Savall
  • Ensemble: Hespèrion XXI
  • Running Time: 2 min. 24 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Written: 2006