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Dove: Siren Song / Guittart, Cooper, van de Woerd, Dieltiens, Omvlee, Zwitserlood, et al

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> Siren Song - Scene 1: Dear Diana, dear Diana, my name is Davey Palmer (Davey)
> Siren Song - Scene 1: Davey … Davey … (Diana, Davey)
> Siren Song - Scene 1: You mention you're a sailor (Diana, Davey)
> Siren Song - Scene 2: I like chocolate, I like shopping (Diana, Davey)
> Siren Song - Scene 3: Dave Palmer? Jonathan Reed, Diana's brother (Jonathan, Davey)
> Siren Song - Scene 4: Dear Diana. Dear Diana (Davey, Diana)
> Siren Song - Scene 4: I dream of a house and a garden (Davey, Diana)
> Siren Song - Scene 5: Davey, Davey, when I'm your wife… (Diana)
> Siren Song - Scene 5: Oh! Oh! (Davey, Diana)
> Siren Song - Scene 6: Hello? Hello? This is Davey (Davey, Jonathan, Wireless Operator)
> Siren Song - Scene 7: Is she still in hospital? (Davey, Jonathan)
> Siren Song - Scene 7: Sure, I'll give you an education (Jonathan, Davey)
> Siren Song - Scene 8: Palmer, it's your ship-to-shore (Regulator, Davey, Jonathan)
> Siren Song - Scene 9: A dream house, Diana! (Davey, Jonathan)
> Siren Song - Scene 9: I'm hungry, my feet hurt (Davey, Jonathan)
> Siren Song - Scene 10: Is she there? (Regulator, Davey)
> Siren Song - Scene 11: Did you see the flamingos? (Jonathan, Davey)
> Siren Song - Scene 11: Very soon she'll be with you (Jonathan, Davey)
> Siren Song - Scene 12: Captain, there's something funny (Regulator, Captain, Jonathan)
> Siren Song - Scene 12: I love you, Jonathan? (Captain, Regulator, Davey, Jonathan, Diana)
> Siren Song - Scene 13: Say it again (Davey, Jonathan)
> Siren Song - Scene 14: Off cap! (Regulator, Davey, Captain)
> Siren Song - Scene 15: This is Stone (Regulator, Jonathan)
> Siren Song - Scene 16: I don't believe you (Davey, Captain, Regulator, Jonathan)
> Siren Song - Scene 17: On the ocean keep a look-out (Davey, Diana)

Album Summary

>Dove, Jonathan : Siren Song, opera in one act
Performers Conductor Ensemble Composer

Notes & Reviews:

'Siren Song', by the British composer Jonathan Dove, is a chamber opera about the longing for love and the susceptibility to deception, which here receives its world premiere recording. Dove is best known for his operas, including 'Flight', which also received its premiere recording on Chandos and was applauded by the critics. BBC Music Magazine ('Pick of the month', June 2004) wrote, "Anyone who cares about opera as a living art form will rejoice in Chandos' decision to issue the recording of 'Flight' from Glyndebourne with the original cast’.

Sunday Times
This recording, made at last summer's production at the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival, is expertly paced, and Dove's Adams-inspired sound-world is evocatively conjured up by the small chamber ensemble. The live nature of the recording does mean that some of the singing sounds too backward in the aural picture, but Brad Cooper's besotted Davey comes across well, as do the wily persuasive powers of Mattijs van de Woerd's conman." The Telegraph, 17th May 2008

BBC Music Magazine
Jonathan Dove's one acter, first given by Almeida Opera 14 years ago, is a gem of a piece from a composer who rarely puts a foot wrong in the opera house. Henk Guittart conducting the Siren Ensemble... relishes the simple subtleties of Dove's score: from the arresting opening, with an insistent xylophone over dark rising chords, to the echoes of a Gamelan Orchestra and shimmering bell-like sounds, when Davey the sailor lands respectively in Singapore and Bali. Brad Cooper is magnificent as the innocent sailor.

Gramophone Magazine
Not since Benjamin Britten has a British composer succeeded in writing operas which communicate with such clarity and coherence to their audience as those by Jonathan Dove. ... the opera's rapid descent into the depths of deceit and desperation is effectively portrayed.


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Works Details

>Dove, Jonathan : Siren Song, opera in one act
  • Performers: Mattijs Woerd (Voice); Mark Omvlee (Voice); Amaryllis Dieltiens; Marijn Zwitserlood; Bradford Cooper
  • Conductor: Henk Guittart
  • Ensemble: Siren Ensemble
  • Notes: Muziekgebouw aan't IJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (08/14/2007/08/15/2007)
  • Running Time: 4 min. 33 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Studio/Live: Live