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Members of the Wunambul Tribe: Spirit Man: Aboriginal Music of the Wandjina People

Track List

>Initiation Song 1
>Initiation Song 2
>Initiation Song 3
>Initiation Song 4
>Initiation Song 5
>Initiation Song 6
>Initiation Song 7
>Initiation Song 8
>Initiation Song 9
>Initiation Song 10
>Initiation Song 11
>Initiation Song 12
>Initiation Song 13
>Initiation Song 14
>Initiation Song 15
>Initiation Song 16
>Island Song 1
>Island Song 2
>Island Song 3
>Island Song 4
>Island Song 5
>Island Song 6
>Bush Fig
>Night Fishing
>Spirit Man
>Sea Storm
>Dust Song
>Out With The Tide
>Puppy Dog
>Wrong Road
>Island Current
>Flying Fox
>Islands In A Line
>15 August 1987
>Billy King

Album Notes

The Kimberley region of northern Western Australia is home to an aboriginal group known as the Wunambul people. This fascinating musical document introduces the world to their native music, in this case 16 initiation-rite songs, as well as ballads concerning other aspects of aboriginal life. The music is performed by Lorrie and Daisy Utemorrah, Louis and Rosie Karadada, and Jeffery and Louise Mangoamara, with vocals, clap sticks, and that distinctively aboriginal instrument, the didgeridoo. This collection is both educational and musically rich, and a unique contribution to the world music canon.


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