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George Carlin: It's Bad for Ya [PA]

Track List

>Old Fuck
>Goin' Through My Address Book
>Things We Say When People Die
>He's Smiling Down
>Parents in Hell
>People Refuse to Be Realistic
>Dead Parents Helping
>Couple of Other Questions, A
>Today's Professional Parents
>Self-Esteem Movement, The
>Every Child Is Special
>Children Are Our Future
>Raisin' a Child Is Not Difficult
>I Like People
>Stupid Bullshit
>Stupid Bullshit on the Phone
>What a Phone Call Should Be
>In a Coma
>Their Kids!
>They Want to Show You the Pictures
>Just Enough Bullshit
>No One Questions Things
>Proud to Be an American
>God Bless America
>Takin' Off Yer Hat
>Swearing on the Bible
>You Have No Rights

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Explicit Version. One of America's first and funniest counterculture comics rips into society's sacred taboos and institutions in a new, uncensored evening of stand-up comedy. Carlin's 14th and final HBO stand-up special delivers dead-on, laugh-out-loud insights on such issues as: the advantages of being old, child worship and the failure of the so-called "self-esteem" movement. In other words, our abnormal preoccupation with BS.


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