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Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier Book 2 / Crossland

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>Bach, Johann Sebastian : Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2, BWV 870-893
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Following Jill Crossland's successful release of J.S. Bach's 'Well-tempered Clavier, Book 1' earlier this year, Signum is pleased to announce the release of Book 2 in this new 2CD set. Completed by 1742, Book 2 was intended as a complement to Book 1, not as a replacement. It is generally far more difficult than Book 1 however, with greater technical and structural difficulty for the performer. It was the ultimate workbook, open to constant change and refining by Bach himself. In Jill Crossland's own words, "No other music is so perfect an integration of emotional expression and intellectual rigour".

"...In the preludes... [Jill Crossland] is still able to be the great storyteller, and it is in the preludes especially that I was mesmerized by her performances. I am also quite fond of her extremely subtle use of rubato. It's easy to hear rubato in a key-boardist who makes a Federal case out of it, who slows down or speeds up so drastically that the listener is forced in their mind's ear to follow the pace of the performer. Crossland's Rubato has the exquisite subtlety of Jon Vickers or Michael Gielen at their very best: a split-second here, just a hair there, enough to keep the tempos from sounding rigid or the approach from sameness... Perhaps I am just more sensitive to this sort of approach, but I find her playing far superior to Edwin Fischer's because she finds moods and stories in this music and not just spirituality. I, personally, could sit at Jill Crossland's feet and listen to her piano stories all night long." -Fanfare

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: West Road, Concert Hall, University of Cambridge (08/15/2004-08/17/2004).


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Works Details

>Bach, Johann Sebastian : Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2, BWV 870-893
  • Performer: Jill Crossland (Piano)
  • Notes: West Road, Concert Hall, University of Cambridge (08/15/2004-08/17/2004)
  • Running Time: 147 min. 48 sec.
  • Period Time: Baroque
  • Written: 1740