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John Riley (Drums): Discover Film Music

Track List

>King Kong, film score: Main Title
>King Kong, film score: A Boat in the Fog
>Adventures of Robin Hood, film score: Main Title, The
>Adventures of Robin Hood, film score: Sir Guy and Robin Hood, The
>Adventures of Robin Hood, film score: The Banquet, The
>House of Frankenstein, film score: Full Moon
>Maltese Falcon, film score: The Deal, The
>Rebecca, film score: Selznick International Trademark - Introduction - Foreword - Opening Scene
>Jane Eyre, film score: Rochester
>Spellbound Concerto, for piano & orchestra: [Excerpt]
>All About Eve, film score: Suite
>Red River, film score: Main Title
>Red River, film score: Dunson Heads South
>Plow That Broke the Plains, film score: War and the Tractors, The
>Red Pony, suite for orchestra: Walk to the Bunkhouse, The
>On the Waterfront, symphonic suite: [Excerpt]
>Ben-Hur, film score: Prelude
>Schindler's List, film score: Main Theme
>Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope, film score: Main Title Theme
>Alien, film score: Main Theme (original version)
>Out of Africa, film score: Main Title Theme
>Chariots of Fire, film score: Main Title Theme
>Spiderman, film score: Main Theme and Farewell
>Dam Busters, march for the film score, The
>633 Squadron: Main Theme, from film score for orchestra (or band)
>Things to Come, film score for orchestra, Op. 53, F. 131a: Interlude: The World in Ruins
>Warsaw Concerto for piano & orchestra (for the film "Dangerous Moonlight"/"Suicide Squadron"): [Excerpt]
>David Copperfield, film score: Mr. Micawber
>Hamlet, film score: The Ghost
>Curse of the Werewolf, film score: Revenge and Escape
>49th Parallel, film score (The Invaders): Prelude
>Smiles of a Summer Night, film music: Dangerous Wine
>En bygdesaga (A Country Tale), suite from the film score for orchestra, Op. 53, R202a: Introduction
>Alone (All Alone), film score, Op. 26 (part lost): Largo
>Alone (All Alone), film score, Op. 26 (part lost): Overtone singer
>Alone (All Alone), film score, Op. 26 (part lost): The school class - Allegro
>Alone (All Alone), film score, Op. 26 (part lost): The children come to comfort Kuzmina - Andante
>Hamlet, film score, Op. 116 (unrelated to incidental music): The Ghost
>Lieutenant Kijé, film score and suite for orchestra, Op. 60: The Birth of Kijé
>Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The (Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo), film score: Main Theme
>Regain, film score for orchestra, H117: Nuit dans la grange - Été
>Crime et Châtiment, film score for orchestra, H94: Départ pour le crime
>Don Quichotte, film score: Chanson de la mort
>Macbeth, suite from the film for orchestra: Overture
>Belle et la bête, film score: Les couloirs mystérieux, La
>Face of Another, film score: Waltz
>Symphonic Fantasia No. 1: [Excerpt]
>Soir un Train. . ., film score: Danse de l'Auberge, Un
>Bram Stoker's Dracula, film score: Mina / Dracula

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

As the 20th century approached, a new art form was developed, one that would go on to dominate the next hundred years. Though cinema began in silence, it quickly acquired sound and attracted musicians and composers. The new medium demanded a new approach, both aesthetically and technologically, but these problems were overcome remarkably quickly, allowing film composition to develop into a sophisticated branch of music-drama. This booklet-and-CD set outlines the history of film music, introduces some of the major characters, and shows how their music works in the context of film.

Album Notes

Personnel: Barbara Buchholz (Theremin).

Arrangers: Andy Vinter; John Wasson.

With 49 tracks spanning two CDs, DISCOVER-FILM MUSIC is an informative package designed to lure the casual listener into the larger world of film music. Disc One largely consists of major Hollywood releases, including KING KONG, BEN HUR, STAR WARS, and SPIDER-MAN. Disc Two explores the more classical-centric foreign film scores, originating in Britain, Europe, and Japan. The set is accompanied by a 72-page booklet / learning guide, composed by British film music lecturer John Riley.


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