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Pärt: In principio, etc / Kaljuste, Estonian NSO, et al

Album Summary

>Pärt, Arvo : In principio
>Pärt, Arvo : La Sindone
>Pärt, Arvo : Cecilia, vergine romana
>Pärt, Arvo : Da pacem Domine
>Pärt, Arvo : Mein Weg hat Gipfel und Wellentäler
>Pärt, Arvo : Für Lennart in memoriam
Conductor Ensemble
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Notes & Reviews:

"Arvo Part has put his finger on something that is almost impossible to put into words – something to do with the power of music to obliterate the rigidities of space and time. One after the other, his chords silence the noise of the self, binding the mind to an eternal present."–Alex Ross, The New Yorker. This release provides an impressive overview of Part's recent stylistic development covering six touching compositions of different scale and instrumentation written between 1989 and 2005.

In Principio, was the first ECM Arvo Part disc in four years. The release celebrated the 25-year jubilee of ECM's New Series that was launched with Part's Tabula Rasa in 1984.

Sunday Times
Tonu Kaljuste conducts lustrous singing and playing of these and three shorter works, which include a moving response to the Madrid bombings.

The Guardian
The little string elegy Für Lennart in Memoriam, composed for the funeral of the Estonian president in 2006, is the most convincing piece here: eloquent in a simple, undemonstrative way, nostalgic without being mawkish, touching without being sentimental.

Gramophone Magazine
Superbly performed and recorded, this CD is self-recommending to anyone interested in Pärt's recent work and his tentative ways forward from doctrinaire schematicisim.

BBC Music Magazine
Recent compositions, while not relinquishing the ethereal beauty we associate with Pärt, have seemed less confident in their serenity... A sense of anxiety pervades the oldest piece... Mein Weg... and sometimes, as with In Principio and La Sindone, there are episodes of almost bruising physicality which is a little shocking in the context of Pärt's mature music.

Gramophone Classical Music Guide
These recent works demonstrate a certain expansion in Pärt's horizons. They still dwell in the niche of lapidary minimalism, but while they keep faith with his trademark 'tintinnabulatory' style, they now use it with flexibility and flow.

The dramatic directness of In principio, at 20 minutes the longest work on this CD, has one thinking of Janácek or even the Icelander Jón Leifs, not to speak of its candidly neo- Bachian progressions; exhilaration emanates from this score, along with piety and lamentation.

Of the other works for chorus and orchestra, Cecilia, vergine romana commemorates in more restrained terms the martyrdom of the third-century Roman noblewoman adopted 1200 years later as the patron saint of music, while the five-minute Da pacem Domine is a statuesque tribute to the victims of the 2004 Madrid terrorist bombings.

La Sindone ('The Shroud'), for trumpet, trombone, four percussionists and strings, leaves more room for listeners to find their own symbolic meaning in its frequent silences. Mein Weg ('My Path'), for 14 strings and percussion, is nothing to do with autobiography but a response to an extract from the French-Jewish poet Edmond Jabès's Livre des questions concerning the vissicitudes of life, and the disc ends with an austere memorial to Lennart Meri, president of Estonia from 1992 to 2001. Superbly performed and recorded.

Notes & Reviews:


Paste (magazine) - "'Da Pacem Domine' is a standout -- its voices flowing in undisturbed serenity -- as is the sharply contrasting 'La Sindone,' where trickling rivulets of strings periodically tumble into waterfall chords."


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Works Details

>Arvo Pärt (1935 - ) : In principio
  • Conductor: Tönu Kaljuste
  • Running Time: 19 min. sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Written: 2003

>Arvo Pärt (1935 - ) : La Sindone
  • Conductor: Tönu Kaljuste
  • Running Time: 15 min. 53 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Written: 2006

>Arvo Pärt (1935 - ) : Cecilia, vergine romana
  • Conductor: Tönu Kaljuste
  • Running Time: 16 min. 39 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Written: 2000

>Arvo Pärt (1935 - ) : Da pacem Domine
  • Conductor: Tönu Kaljuste
  • Running Time: 5 min. sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Written: 2004

>Arvo Pärt (1935 - ) : Mein Weg hat Gipfel und Wellentäler
  • Conductor: Tönu Kaljuste
  • Running Time: 6 min. 23 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Written: 1999

>Arvo Pärt (1935 - ) : Für Lennart in memoriam
  • Conductor: Tönu Kaljuste
  • Running Time: 7 min. 22 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Written: 2006