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German: Tom Jones / Hulme, Staykov, Morrison, Shipp, National Festival Orchestra & Chorus, et al

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> Tom Jones - Act III, "Ranelagh Gardens": Morris Dance
> Tom Jones - Act III: Gavotte: Glass of fashion (Chorus)
> Tom Jones - Act III: Song: The Green Ribbon (Honour, Chorus of Men)
> Tom Jones - Act III: Song: If love's content (Tom)
> Tom Jones - Act III: Barcarolle: Beguile, beguile, with music sweet (Chorus, Chapman, Wise, Stein)
> Tom Jones - Act III: Recitative: Which is my own true self? (Sophia) - Waltz Song: For to-night (Sophia)
> Tom Jones - Act III: Trio: Says a well-worn saw (Honour, Partridge, Gregory)
> Tom Jones - Act III: Melos
> Tom Jones - Act III: Finale: Hark, the merry marriage bells! (Sophia, Honour, Tom, Chorus)
> Tom Jones - Additional Song: A Foundling Boy (Tom)
> Tom Jones - Additional Song: By night and day (Sophia)
> Tom Jones - Additional Trio: Come away with me my deary (Sophia, Honour, Tom)
> Tom Jones - Act II: Song: Dream o' Day Jill (Sophia)
> Tom Jones - Act II: Song: Gurt-Uncle Jan Tappit (Gregory, Chorus)
> Tom Jones - Act II: Jig: With a fal la la (Chorus)
> Tom Jones - Act II: My lady's coach (Hostess, Chorus)
> Tom Jones - Act II: Song: As all the maids (Honour)
> Tom Jones - Act II: Laughing Trio: You have a pretty wit (Honour, Partridge, Gregory)
> Tom Jones - Act II: Song: A Soldier's Scarlet Coat (Tom, Chorus) (lyrics: Harry Beswick)
> Tom Jones - Act II: Song: Love maketh the heart a garden fair (Sophia, Chorus)
> Tom Jones - Act II: Finale: Where be my daughter? (Lady Bellaston, Tom, Squire Western, Partridge, Officer, Hostess, Chorus)

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>German, Edward : Tom Jones
Performers Conductor Ensemble
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Notes & Reviews:

'Tom Jones', based on Fielding's classic novel, first appeared in 1907. One of the finest British operettas to follow Gilbert and Sullivan, the music has a style of its own and brings a new Romantic sweep to the genre. Full of superb numbers, such as the famous waltz-song 'For To-night', 'On a January morning', 'A Soldier's Scarlet Coat', 'Dream o' Day Jill' and 'West Country lad', this is the first complete recording, and includes three numbers cut during the original run.


The "original" Tom Jones
Here's a first complete recording of a work (a hit in 1907, now long neglected) that's a link between the Savoy operas and the Broadway operettas of Kern and Romberg. Don't expect Richardson's "Tom Jones": much of the complicated plot of the novel is discarded, and what's left is about as racy as Georgette Heyer. The music, however, is wonderful period stuff, and is performed with sparkle and spirit, including three numbers deleted from the score at various times. Baritone Richard Morrison sounds a trifle mature for Tom--a teenager as the novel begins--but sings well, as do all the cast, down to the smallest roles (though Marianne Hellgren Staykov might have asked for a retake of Sophia's third act waltz song). The booklet includes photos from the original production and a detailed synopsis; no libretto, but lyrics are at the Naxos website. Highly recommended for G&S buffs.
Submitted on 01/25/10 by Jim D. 
Rare operetta, well captured
Edward German's Tom Jones is a rare early 20th century operetta, which until now had not been recorded and released in its entirety. This Naxos recording (including three musical numbers omitted from the 1907 premiere) is well done--the orchestra, principals, and chorus all turn in well-executed performances that are believable and entertaining. The score is light, lilting, and certainly memorable. Richard Morrison was an excellent choice as the hero, and Marianne Hellgren Staykov is endearing as Sophia, Jones' beguiling romantic interest. All in all, this is a great first recording of a highly entertaining operetta.
Submitted on 10/05/09 by musicbizkid 
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>German, Edward : Tom Jones
  • Performers: Annette Stein (Voice); Giles Davies (Soprano); Rachel Harland (Soprano); Marianne Staykov (Soprano); Paul Jones (Baritone); Heather Shipp (Mezzo Soprano); Rachel Chapman (Voice); Elizabeth Menezes (Soprano); Ashley Bremner (Baritone); Iestyn Morris (Tenor); Catrine Kirkman (Soprano); Richard Morrison (Baritone); Donald Maxwell (Bass-Baritone); Richard Suart (Baritone); Simon Butteriss (Baritone); Gaynor Keeble (Mezzo Soprano); Karen Wise (Voice); Timothy Ochala-Greenough (Voice)
  • Conductor: David Hulme
  • Notes: Haden Freeman Concert Hall, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (09/01/2008-09/03/2008)
  • Running Time: 3 min. 16 sec.
  • Period Time: Post Romantic
  • Form: Opera/Operetta
  • Written: 1907