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Gregory Smirnov/Slavyanka: Songs of the Volga Boatmen

Track List

>Live Long (Vivat)
>Battle of Borodino, The (Borodino)
>Hey, Soldiers ! (Soldatushki)
>Polyushko Polye (Song of the Plains; Meadowlands; "O Field, My Fields")
>Eh, Ukhnyem (Song of the Volga Boatmen), folk song
>Vtyomnon lesye (In the dark forest)
>Evening Chimes
>Kolokolchik (Coachbells), folk song
>Rise, Fair Sun (Ty Vzoidi, Sontse Kranoye!)
>At My Father's Gate (U Varot)
>O, My Freedom (Uzh Ty Volya Maya)
>Along the River (Vdol Da Pa Byerizhku)
>Twelve Brigands, The (Dvenadsat' razboynikov)
>Sacred Love (Lybov Svyataya)
>Soft Ukranian Night (Tikha Ukrainskaya Noch)
>Lullaby (Iavnana)
>Shen Khar Venakhi
>Don't Lie Around, Djemo (Nye, Syedi, Djemo)
>Vyeniki (Birch-broom)
>Come Savior, today (Priidye Spas Dnyes)
>Many Years

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

"The Slavyanka Chorus is an ensemble based in San Francisco that specializes in Russian repertoire...On the whole, they produce an enjoyable program here. Clearly, the performers love these rich, expressive songs that bubble up from the emotional heart of Mother Russia. Pleasant performances of selections like 'The Volga Boatmen'...plus patriotic marches, and bits of sacred fare from the Orthodox Church await you in this generous anthology..." -Greenfield, ARG


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