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Enya: The Very Best of Enya

Track List

>Orinoco Flow
>Aníron (I Desire) [Theme for Aragorn & Arwen]
>Storms in Africa
>Caribbean Blue
>Book of Days
>Celts, The
>Only Time
>Wild Child
>Water Shows the Hidden Heart
>Anywhere Is
>Cursum Perficio
>Trains and Winter Rains
>Day Without Rain, A
>May It Be
>Oíche Chiúin [Chorale]

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

The Very Best Of Enya brings together for the first time so much of the earth-spanning music created alongside her close friends and partners in music, Nicky and Roma Ryan. Twenty-two years have passed since the original release of Enya's self-titled debut album. During that time, Enya has become one of the world's most successful musicians with over 70 million album sales worldwide to her name and an array of authoritative honors including four Grammy Awards and three World Music Awards. Warner. 2009.

The Very Best of Enya is a greatest hits album from Irish musician Enya. The album was announced by Enya on her official site on 26 August 2009 and released on 23 November 2009. According to the website, it includes Enya's favorite songs as chosen by her, Nicky and Roma Ryan.

Two versions of the album were released: a standard single-disc edition containing only the audio tracks, and a two-disc deluxe edition featuring a DVD collecting a number of her music videos. It made top 20 in almost twenty countries.

"The title says it all: here are 18 of Enya's songs from her career of over 20 years as one of Ireland's foremost vocalists and composers.

Enya initially entered the spotlight as a member of Clannad, but her solo endeavours would prove more profitable. She hit the top of the UK charts in 1988 with Orinoco Flow (sometimes known erroneously as Sail Away on account of its insistent vocal refrain), from her second solo album Watermark. It opens this collection, acting as an immediate reminder of the impact of her remarkable voice.

Another very familiar song featured here is Anywhere Is - it was a top ten hit in 1995, and is taken from Enya's Grammy-winning The Memory of Trees album. The one previously unreleased track here, Aniron (I Desire), comes from the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Enya also wrote the ballad May It Be for Peter Jackson's take on The Fellowship of the Ring, which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2001 - the track closes this set. It's interesting to note that Hollywood had beckoned earlier, when director James Cameron had invited Enya to write music for Titanic - she turned him down. However, her widescreen, cinematic Storms in Africa, another Watermark highlight, is an early example of why she has been courted by filmmakers ever since breaching the mainstream.

The well-known and much loved characteristics of her writing and performance style are much in evidence throughout this bumper bundle of hits. The muted choral writing wafts through the waltz tune of Caribbean Blue, Book of Days and A Day Without Rain as well as Cursum Perfico, in a minor key, which has a touch of Carl Orff's choral extravaganza Carmina Burana, an aspect of this artist's professed classical leaning. Ethereal reverberations echo through a jig, The Celts, with shades of The Scaffold's Lily the Pink, and the singer's full vocal powers are heard in the anthemic ballad Only Time.

Other manifestations of her art include a fondness for electronic writing, which runs through the Chopin-esque synthesiser keyboard scales of Aldebaran. Enya, like ABBA, has left an indelible and unmistakeable imprint on the popular music of her day, and this CD - also available in an expanded, bonus-DVD version, with some additional tracks - makes a most tempting seasonal offering." -BBC

"I love Spring. I love getting outdoors and working in the garden and on the lawn. I love diving head first into Spring cleaning the closets, cabinets, basement and garage (they all need it!)! And I also like Spring cleaning my playlists on my iPod!!!

Once album that I'm excited to add to my music library this Spring is The Very Best Of Enya!

I've always been a fan of Enya and her latest album did not disappoint! After gracing the music world for an amazing 22 years, Enya has released her The Very Best Of Enya, a beautiful combination of her classical inspiration, Celtic atmosphere, and pop sensibility. Enya, with the help of her close friends and partners in music (Nicky and Roma Ryan), has handpicked the 19 tracks on the CD that range from her international breakthrough hit "Orinoco Flow" (from 1988's Watermark) to "Only Time," which was adopted as a comforting anthem of home after 9/11.

If you have ever been a fan of Enya, you will certainly love The Very Best Of Enya. If you've never owned an Enya CD, I would highly suggest picking up this album - you'll fall in love instantly! I know it will be one of my most played albums as I sit outside this Spring and Summer, relaxing and enjoying the warm evening air!!!

The Very Best Of Enya is available on CD, Deluxe CD/DVD (the DVD features a collection of 13 videos and rare interview footage), and as Collector's Edition (12? Boxset includes a hard-backed book featuring exclusive notes, photos, lyrics, and biography and more)." -5MinutesforMom

"Eithne Patricia Ni Bhraonain has returned with a compilation that spans her two plus decade solo career.

Enya began her musical journey in 1980 as a member of the Irish group Clanad, but by 1987 had left to embark upon a highly successful solo career. Too date she has released eight studio and five compilation albums. She has been a huge commercial success selling over 30,000,000 albums in The United States and 70,000,000 worldwide.

The Very Best Of Enya has been released in two forms. There is a one disc release consisting of nineteen songs and a two disc release that contains 22 tracks on the first disc and thirteen video's plus some special bonus features on the accompanying DVD.

The music contains no real surprises as it has all been previously released and is very familiar to her vast fan base. The only exception is "Aniron (I Desire)" which was the theme for Aragorn and Arwin in the film The Lord Of The Rings. It has been filled out and is a more complete version than the one found in the movie.

Sometimes Enya's studio albums drift a bit and get a little too artsy in places but when her best material is gathered into one place it is spectacular, haunting, mesmerizing, and ultimately beautiful. Songs such as "Orinoco Flow," "The Celts," "Trains And Winter Rains," "Storms In Africa," "A Day Without Rain," and a host of others all feature her ethereal vocals. The production presents a crystal clear sound and the remastering of many of the tracks enhances the laying technique which is so essential to her sound.

The DVD is a must for any Enya fan. Thirteen of her music videos are released for the first time in The United States. Seeing her music presented visually is both interesting and a treat for the eyes. The documentary "A Life In Music" contains a long interview with Enya. I can't remember ever seeing her sit down for an extensive interview berfore and I found her well grounded and able to express her musical vision well.

The Very Best Of Enya is a wonderful journey through the musical mind of a unique artist. In many ways it closes the door on what is hopefully only the first part of her career. One can only wonder what lies ahead?" -Blogcritics

Album Notes

Lyricist: Roma Ryan.

Personnel: Enya (vocals).

Liner Note Author: Niall Stokes.

Photographers: Russell Young; David Scheinmann; Max Adelman; Simon Fowler .

Arrangers: Enya; Nicky Ryan.

Comprised of 18 tracks culled from the singer/composer's first three decades, The Very Best of Enya was pieced together by the artist herself, along with longtime collaborators Nicky and Roma Ryan. Luckily, the trio seems enamored by most of the same songs that the general public is, resulting in one of those rare "greatest-hits" collections that goes deep without depriving the listener of the essentials. With tunes like "Orinoco Flow," "Caribbean Blue," and "Book of Days" in the pot and out of the way, it's easier to appreciate hidden gems like "Cursum Perficio," "Boadicea," "Trains and Winter Rains," and "Anywhere Is." Also notable is the inclusion of "May It Be" and a previously unreleased version of "Aníron (I Desire)," both of which originally appeared on the soundtrack for the first chapter of Peter Jackson's beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy. ~ James Christopher Monger


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