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Antonio Vivaldi: Le Humane Passioni - 5 Violin Concertos, RV 227, 234, 199, 271, 180, 153 / Giuliano Carmignola, violin


Emotional Vivaldi
Rather than issue the Antonio Vivaldi concerto recordings by Giuliano Carmignola and Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca by opus number order or collection title – a really boring way to do business – the Swiss Divox label has gone the thematic route and the latest in the series is called “Le Humane Passioni” (The Human Passions). Vivaldi’s concertos are program music with such subtitles as “Pleasure,” “Suspicion” and so on. To a degree it’s forcing the conceit since there is nothing in any of the concertos that really put them outside the world of the standard concerto for solo instrument and orchestra of the day. No matter, it’s Vivaldi and in the world of violin concertos that’s saying plenty. I’m not sure why these recordings (made in 1995) have sat in the can so long. Carmignola is one of the most thrilling violinists in this repertoire and Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca are outstanding. I loved their recording of the 6 Concerti “Per le Solennità” (Divox CDX 79605) and this new recording is just as good. Carmignola’s tasteful embellishments and singing tone are ideal for the lyricism of the “L’Amoroso” concerto. He can play hard and fast too. He navigates the dotted rhythms of the “L’Inquietudine” concerto with ease and dodges the irritating mannerisms that some players bring to this music. The sound quality is stunning. Carmignola is miked closely but you can also hear the details of the continuo group, including the tasty lute of Giancarlo Rado and the harpsichord of the brilliant Andrea Marcon. This is outstanding in every way.
Submitted on 04/21/10 by Craig Zeichner 
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