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Love Happens

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>Young, Christopher : Love Happens, film score
Performers Conductor Ensemble
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Composer Christopher Young's score for the romantic film Love Happens was not immortalized on a soundtrack album at the time of the theatrical release, but finally appeared three weeks after the movie became a DVD. The lag may be some indication of its mediocrity. Young has a gift for coming up with music better than the movies he scores, but that gift has generally been applied to horror films (e.g., Drag Me to Hell), not to love stories, and he is a very busy composer. For Love Happens, he has come up with a cute little theme first heard in the opening track that sounds like it's about to turn into Tony Hatch's "Downtown," the Petula Clark hit from 1965, but never quite does so. Elsewhere, as the acoustic guitars are strummed and the pianos caressed, he sometimes seems to be going for the kind of minor-key contemplative music favored by Thomas Newman, but without the quirkiness Newman likes to throw in. None of the music is particularly compelling, at least for the first 16 tracks. Then, there are seven more "bonus tracks", pushing the album to a length of 67 minutes. It's not clear what is meant by "bonus tracks," but this is not music consistent with what has gone before and, presumably, not actually heard in the film. It sounds like these might have been alternate ideas Young worked on for the score, and if so, maybe they should have been used instead. "A Dissonant Discourse" is an interesting percussive track, while "Why the Hell Am I in Heaven?" is mildly funky, and "Fast Toward the Eye (Of Lorelei)" is a much more developed and satisfying theme than the one that dominates the main score. It's too bad the composer only gets to show his talent in the addendum, but the album certainly is better for the additions. ~ William Ruhlmann


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Works Details

>Young, Christopher : Love Happens, film score
  • Performers: Eun Ahn (Violin); Armen Anassian (Violin); Robert Brophy (Viola); Robert Brosseau (Violin); Denyse Buffum (Viola); Eve Butler (Violin); Darius Campo (Violin); Shoshana Claman (Violin); Bruce Dukov (Violin); Stephen Erdody (Cello); Chris Ermacoff (Cello); Marlow Fisher (Viola); Armen Garabedian (Violin); Pamela Goldsmith (Viola); M.B. Gordy (Percussion); Endre Granat (Violin); Lynn Grants (Viola); Maurice Grants (Cello); Tiffany Gyomberg (Voice); Jennie Hansen (Viola); Clayton Haslop (Violin); Tamara Hatwan (Violin); Paul Henning (Violin); Amy Hershberger (Violin); Paula Hochhalter (Cello); Carrie Holzman-Little (Viola); Eric Hosler (Violin); Sharon Jackson (Violin); Peter Jandula-Hudson (Viola); David Johnson (Marimba); Katie Kirkpatrick (Harp); Miran Kojian (Violin); Janet Lakatos (Viola); Ana Landauer (Violin); Victoria Lanier (Violin); Victor Lawrence (Cello); Natalie Leggett (Violin); Dimitrie Leivici (Violin); Dane Little (Cello); Liane Mautner (Violin); Darrin McCann (Viola); Laura McLean (Violin); Michele Nardone (Violin); Gary Nesteruk (Piano); Robin Olson (Violin); Joohyun Park (Piano); Joohyun Park (Voice); Nancy Roth (Viola); David Russell (Percussion); Marc Sazer (Violin); Ingrid Schnell (Voice); Christina Soule (Cello); Andrew Spence (Piano); Jonathan Timpe (Percussion); Sebastian Toettcher (Cello); Irina Voloshina (Violin); John Walz (Cello); John Wittenberg (Violin); Margaret Wooten (Violin); Kenneth Yerke (Violin)
  • Conductor: Pete Anthony
  • Running Time: 3 min. 20 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Form: Film Score