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Army of the Pharaohs: The Unholy Terror [PA]

Track List

>Agony Fires - (featuring Planetary/Apathy/Vinnie Paz/Celph Titled)
>Ripped to Shreds - (featuring Demoz/Vinnie Paz/Celph Titled)
>Bust 'Em In - (featuring Apathy/Reef the Lost Cauze/Celph Titled)
>Prisoner - (featuring Doap Nixon/Demoz/Planetary/Vinnie Paz)
>Godzilla - (featuring Planetary/Apathy/Vinnie Paz/Jus Allah/King Magnetic/Celph Titled)
>Suplex - (featuring Demoz/Vinnie Paz/Des Devious/King Syze)
>Contra Mantra - (featuring Crypt The Warchild/Esoteric/Celph Titled)
>Drenched in Blood - (featuring Crypt The Warchild/Demoz/Planetary/Vinnie Paz/King Syze)
>Spaz Out - (featuring Esoteric/Apathy/King Magnetic/Celph Titled)
>44 Magnum - (featuring Crypt The Warchild/Demoz/Vinnie Paz/Des Devious)
>Dead Shall Rise - (featuring Demoz/Planetary/Apathy/Vinnie Paz/Reef the Lost Cauze/Celph Titled)
>Cookin' Keys - (featuring Doap Nixon/Crypt The Warchild/Demoz/Planetary/Reef the Lost Cauze/Des Devious)
>Burn You Alive - (featuring Doap Nixon/Planetary/Vinnie Paz/Block McCloud)
>Hollow Points - (featuring Doap Nixon/Demoz/Planetary/Vinnie Paz)
>Suicide Girl - (featuring Doap Nixon/Planetary/Apathy)
>Ultimatum, The - (featuring Crypt The Warchild/Journalist/Planetary/Apathy/Vinnie Paz/Reef the Lost Cauze/Des Devious/King Syze/King Magnetic/Celph Titled)

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

2010 release, the third album from Jedi Mind Tricks' Vinnie Paz and his project Army Of The Pharaohs. While AOTP were formed in 1998, the project has been put on the backburner because of Jedi Mind Tricks' success. The album also features Apathy, Celph Titled, Planetary, Demoz and others.

Album Notes

Recording information: Found Sound Recording, Philadelphia, PA.

The ever-changing ranks of Vinnie Paz's supergroup put in another strong effort on the fourth full-length LP under the Army of the Pharaohs moniker. Not for the faint of heart, each track on the aptly titled Unholy Terror is an unrelenting barrage of a posse cut with bloody-minded MCs like Celph Titled, King Magnetic, Jus Allah, Des Devious, Doap Nixon, and King Syze trading lyrical jabs over hardcore beats built on classical music arrangements to spine-tingling effect. The production craftsmanship is present throughout, from Grand Finale's menacing cello samples on "Godzilla" to Crown's soaring orchestral strings on "Dead Shall Rise" and DC the MIDI Alien's masterful outro scratches that rearrange Jay-Z vocal samples into an Army of the Pharaohs mantra. Vinnie and company have put together another ultraviolent tour de force with 16 tracks of unabashed verbal aggression. ~ Matt Rinaldi


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