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Daddy Yankee: Mundial

Track List

>Mejor de Todos los Tiempos, El
>Vida en la Noche
>Señal, La
>Despedida, La
>Que es la Que Hay
>Me Entere - (featuring Tito "El Bambino" El Patrón)
>Mas Duro, El
>Rumba y Candela
>Mintiendo con la Veredad
>Campeo a Mi Manera
>Grito Mundial

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

"For a hot minute in the mid-'00s, reggaeton looked like it might emerge as a new strain of hip-hop in mainstream America. It had an instantly identifiable sense of rhythm, huge cachet among the growing young Latino population, and a breakout superstar in Daddy Yankee, a Puerto Rican M.C. whose hit "Gasolina" was responsible for about half of the bad decisions made in nightclubs in 2005.

But after reggaeton joined crunk and snap in the pantheon of mid-decade rap fads and a few crossover collaborations (including a most unlikely John McCain endorsement) didn't stick nationwide, Daddy Yankee had some choices. Should he keep riding for his signature style, that to-the-hips backbeat and spitfire delivery? Or try and update it for today's glossy, Ibiza-themed rap productions?

On "Mundial," he does a bit of both. The regal horns on "Grito Mundial" ride a relentless kick drum and stadium-worthy chants; "Descontrol" and "Rumba y Candela" have a gothic yet head-nodding synthetic sheen. When Yankee is on, there's no denying his urgency behind a microphone. But "Vida En la Noche" and "Me Enteré" are bogged down with saccharine Auto-Tune and trance beats. Yankee's been blessed and cursed with a signature sound, and while "Mundial" should keep floors filled, it doesn't offer too much fuel to move forward." - Latimes.latimes.com

"'The Big Boss' is back and definitely does not disappoint with his new album 'Mundial'. He reaches a even larger audience with this new album giving us the Daddy Yankee we are used to but also experimenting with new sounds and styles. This album expands the genre more than what it is and makes him more global than he already is. This album has a little bit of everything, we take a musical journey, you travel to Brazil with the samba inspired 'Grito Mundial', Jamaica with 'Que Es La Que Hay' a great dancehall and of course Puerto Rico with songs like 'Descontrol'. I definitely saw his goal, he found different sounds in this world and put his own spin on them. The album counts with one collabo, Tito 'El Bambino' on 'Me Entere', this was possibly my favorite song because it's so catchy. Daddy Yankee is hard at work on the special edition of this album already, titled 'Prestige' which will have more collabos and more of El Jefe of course. At first I wasn't feeling it as much as I do now, I saw his goal and he definitely achieved it! This album is in stores now!" -Realtalkraeggaton

Daddy Yankee Mundial (English: Daddy Yankee Worldwide) (also known as Mundial) is the name of the ninth studio album by Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee through El Cartel Records released on April 27, 2010

Album Notes

Audio Mixers: Los de la Nassa; Musicologo.

Recording information: El Cartel Studios.

Photographer: Mateo Garcia.

Returning to his home base of Latin music flavors after spending some time on the streets of hip-hop, Daddy Yankee's Mundial is a exciting mix of new and old plus regional and global. Concerning the first, the album features the familiar reggaeton rhythms that set the superstar's career in motion, but it also features the futuristic sounds of Auto-Tune and electro. The best example is the highlight "Vida en la Noche," which is somewhere between a Pitbull and a Gary Numan track, but you don't need to look any further than the album's leadoff single, "Descontrol," to feel the power Yankee wields when mixing yesterday (the rhythm) and today (the rest). As far as the regional and global, Mundial draws its lyrical inspiration from Daddy Yankee's travels around the world and brings it all home with the music being primarily home-grown with dance and R&B showing up as slight influences. In that way, Mundial is the Daddy Yankee album longtime fans hoped for as well as being a fine introduction to reggaeton's first global superstar. ~ David Jeffries


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