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Bartók: Violin Concertos / Arabella Steinbacher

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>Bartók, Béla : Concerto for Violin no 2 in B minor, Sz. 112, BB 117
>Bartók, Béla : Concerto for Violin no 1, Sz 36
Performer Conductor Ensemble
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Notes & Reviews:

"Ms. Beamish is becoming a major figure in music from the UK. Listeners interested in following new music from that part of the world will want to check out this interesting and well produced release."-American Record Guide

The Telegraph
She brings great warmth to the lyrical First Concerto...then in the more ambitious and challenging Second Concerto she introduces a thrilling touch of steel into her playing. The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande is on fine form, with outstanding contributions from the brass section.

The Times
From her Stradivarius violin, Arabella Steinbacher conjures tones so subtly beautiful and multicoloured that your jaw almost drops. Yet her passionate artistry is only the cake's icing. The real delight lies in the bond between soloist and orchestra...the second concerto is the peach: each sonic facet glitters, each heartbeat throbs, lifting us to the stars.

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland (06/2009-07/2009).


Fabulous Performances, Challenging Music!
The opening of the first track of this recording (Allegro non troppo from Concerto No.2) displays Bartok’s interest and expertise with eastern European music. Throughout the course of listening to the entire cd, the listener will find rhythmic complexity and drama of modern compositions, swells of romanticism, and heartfelt quiet moments. Arabella Steinbacher does a splendid job as soloist, drawing a silky tone quality from her violin and evoking different emotions throughout. The orchestra and soloist are well balanced; the violin is the centerpiece but blends in at times so that you almost don’t recognize the shift from full orchestra to soloist. The liner notes are informative, giving history of the pieces, conductor, soloist, and orchestra. The playing on this recording is all very high quality, and listeners will find these pieces quite challenging from moment to moment. A great listen!
Submitted on 09/06/10 by NashvilleMusicProf 
Eavesdropping on something special
Fans of recorded music have always talked about the sense of being more or less in a concert hall, listening to music as real as a live concert. The sound from this disc is so vivid and lifelike that I had a more privileged, intimate feeling. I could imagine that I was present at the recording, one of a handful of hangers-on allowed to sit in Geneva's lovely Victoria Hall while the recording took place, experiencing the creation of something special. I don't have the high-end system or the high-end ears of a true audiophile, but this feeling of the musicians' presence enhanced my enjoyment more than I thought it could. The outstanding quality of Arabella Steinbacher's performance of these two pieces (the second of which tops my list of the greatest 20th century violin concertos) was just as apparent to me when I listened to the MP3s on my iPhone, as was the musicality Marek Janowski brought out from the Suisse Romand Orchestra. But this Hybrid Multichannel Super Audio CD is at the intersection of the highest levels of creation, interpretation, and technology. Watch for this disc to show up on many "Best Of" lists to come!
Submitted on 11/03/10 by Dean Frey 
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Works Details

>Béla Bartók (Composer) (1881 - 1945) : Concerto for Violin no 2 in B minor, Sz. 112, BB 117
  • Performer: Arabella Steinbacher (Violin)
  • Conductor: Marek Janowski
  • Running Time: 39 min. 8 sec.
  • Period Time: Modern
  • Form: Concerto
  • Written: 1937-1938

>Béla Bartók (Composer) (1881 - 1945) : Concerto for Violin no 1, Sz 36
  • Performer: Arabella Steinbacher (Violin)
  • Conductor: Marek Janowski
  • Running Time: 21 min. 20 sec.
  • Period Time: Modern
  • Form: Concerto
  • Written: 1907-1908