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Tibetan Monks Of Drepung Loseling Monastery: Sacred Music, Sacred Dance *

> Nyen-Seng - Nyen-Seng
> Tongnyi Tayang - Tongnyi Tayang
> Shanak Rolyang - Shanak Rolyang
> Mandel - Mandel
> Khadro Rolyang - Khadro Rolyang
> Lamrin Monlam - Lamrin Monlam
> Lhamo Torbul - Lhamo Torbul
> Ku-nga Torbul - Ku-nga Torbul
> Bokyong Lhasung Trinkol - Bokyong Lhasung Trinkol
> Tashi Dang Miktseyma - Tashi Dang Miktseyma

Track List

>Nyen-Seng: The Sound of Delight
>Tongnyi Tayang: Sounds of the Void
>Shanak Rolyang: The Black Hat Dance
>Mandel: Offering of the Universe
>Khadro Rolyang: Dance of the Celestial Beings
>Lamrin Monlam: An Aspiration to Enlightenment
>Lhamo Torbul: A Propitiatory Prayer to Palden Lhamo
>Ku-NGA Torbul: Invocation of the Five Emanations
>Bokyong Lhasung Trinkol: A Call to the Spirits of Tibet
>Tashi Dang Miktseyma: Auspicious Verses and the Prayer of the Three Qualities

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Highest recommendations for Sacred Music, Sacred Dance... which combines shamanism, ceremony, and reflection

Album Notes

Recorded live at Clapp Recital Hall, The University Of Iowa on December 30, 1991. Includes liner notes by Glenn H. Mullin and Damdul Namgyal.


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