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The Complete Works of J.S. Bach

Notes & Reviews:

Hanssler Classic's Edition Backakademie set the standard for Bach interpretation in the new millenium! Ten years later, with tens of thousands of copies of the original box set sold globally, Hanssler Classic makes the epic Bach Edition available once again - completely redesigned, streamlined and updated - at a new competitive price.

- 172 CDs in black paper sleeves

- in a very attractive, elegant looking, light and handy box

- 5000 pages text material on CD ROM

- two books with BWV- and CD- number listing

"A very different set than Teldec's Bach 2000. The Hanssler Bachakademie, supervised by Helmut Rilling, is not HIP (historic instruments performance). The orchestras are warm and lush (but not huge). The soloists are, in general, extraordinary. The tempos are sane. Hanssler has included fragments of some incomplete BWV's that are not included in the Teldec set; a minor plus but appealing. I found I preferred these traditional instruments and the daring using of forte-piano in place of harpsichord on a few of the recordings (flute sonatas). Highlights for me are The Well-Tempered Clavier Books 1 and 2, Musical Offering, Flute Sonatas, The Motets. I also found I prefer these Cantatas recordings to any other, including the new Koopman, Suzuki and the well-known Leonhart-Harnoncourt. While not the newest recordings, the sound is warmer which I prefer to the new state-of-the-art HIP recordings. Although most of the Cantatas are older recordings, much of the Hanssler Bachakademie edition is newly recorded for this project and the sound is consistent and excellent... If you are not a rigid follower of the HIP-only school of listeners then I highly recommend this set." -JSBach.org

"The Hänssler Edition has a consistently higher standard of recording and performance, and contains Helmut Rilling's excellent Bach's cantatas... This is a great way to get top-quality recordings of all of Bach's works." -MusicWeb-International


For details, please visit this site - http://www.haenssler-classic.de/reihen-editionen/johann-sebastian-bach-edition/die-gesamtausgabe/die-cd-gesamtausgabe.html
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