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Bo Burnham: Words Words Words [PA] [Digipak]

Track List

>Words, Words, Words [Studio] - (featuring Kool Keith)
>Oh Bo [Studio]
>What's Funny
>Ex-Girlfriend/Racial Humor
>Men & Women
>One Man Shows
>Binary Reality
>Words, Words, Words
>Prayer/How Do We Fix Africa?, A
>Theoretical Dick Jokes/Statistics
>Art Is Dead
>Traditional Stand-Up
>Oh Bo

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

"For a 19-year-old, Bo Burnham has accomplished quite a bit as a teenage comedian. As a musician who can play guitar and a piano, he also was involved in theatre and attended NYU's Tisch School of Arts.

But since his debut on YouTube back in 2006 (and eventually doing even better on break.com), videos that were meant for his brother in college became big hits as he would play his guitar and play an electric piano and wrote mature-themed songs which were controversial as he would sing about white supremacy, disabilities, ethnicities, homosexuality and playing off racism and say things that comedians would not touch. Call him an equal opportunist, no one is spared from his comedy and expect to see him say things controversial when it comes to race, gender, sexuality and religion.

And next thing you know, he was signed in 2007 by the Gersch Agency's Douglas Edley, the same agent who represents Drew Carey and Dave Chappelle.

At 19-years-old , Bo Burnham is like a mix of Eminem and the sensitivity of Andrew Dice Clay, people are going to love the dark comedy and people are going to hate it. His comedy, aside from its controversy, the words show his education as what comes out of his mouth is smart and intelligent. He knows that his jokes are going to get people riled up but that is what people love about his comedy and now he has had a concert DVD, comedy albums and is now set to release his new comedy DVD "Words, Words Words" from Comedy Central.

Bo's comedy presentation features random storytelling and Bo performing on the guitar or playing the piano and singing. A style that has earned him several comedy awards and many events booking him all over the country. But despite the popularity, Bo Burnham has his fans but he has also received protests by students at colleges where he is performing. Although he has said his satire has well-intention, whether Bo Burnham believes the things that come out of his mouth is debatable but the fact is that there are people who love his blunt comedy and those who are sickened by it.

"Words, Words, Words" is Bo's first special live from Boston and features lie, uncut and uncensored footage. " -nt2099

"When reviewing musical comedian Bo Burnham's debut album, the eponymous Bo Burnham., I made specific mention of just how dense and cleverly written the comedian's songs are and how many of them require multiple listens in order to pick out all of the jokes. That's true of the songs on Burnham's follow-up album, Words, Words, Words., too, but at this point his formula is beginning to show itself. It's not that the songs onWords, Words, Words. aren't clever and funny; they are. It's just that instead of feeling fresh and exciting, it feels like more of the same. With Burnham's considerable talent, that's not such a terrible thing. Just know what to expect...(Continue reading "Words, Words, Words. Album Review")" -Comedians.About

Words Words Words (also Words, Words, Words or Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words) refers to both a stand-up comedy routine and the derivative album by American comedian, Bo Burnham. The live performance debuted at the Boston House of Blues on May 21, 2010, and the album is derived from a special live performance of the same set at Carolines on Broadway on June 30, 2010. In addition to the Carolines performance, the album has two studio singles, "Words, Words, Words" and "Oh Bo".

The House of Blues debut performance and the Carolines on Broadway performances were released on DVD and MP3/CD respectively, with the constituent material from the set being generally well received. The album alone charted on four separate Billboard charts, topping out at number one on the Billboard Comedy chart.

Album Notes

Recording information: Axis Sound (06/2010); Carolines On Broadway, New York, NY (06/2010).

Illustrator: Juan Osborne.

Photographers: Marc Deley; Natalie Brasington.

While comedian/musician Bo Burnham came to fame via YouTube, his talent is much deeper than that might infer. Besides his advanced skills at the piano, he can play with words like few others, and refreshingly, he never panders to his audience, presenting himself as highly self-satisfied young stallion but with an innocent, Charlie Brown-esque underbelly. Spend five minutes listening to his material and he's undeniably talented, but that doesn't keep his Steven Wright-meets-George Carlin-meets-Ben Folds-meets-Eminem act from being an acquired taste. You've got to have a high tolerance for clever when Burnham starts his act with the joke "My ex-girlfriend had a really weird fetish; she used to like to dress up as herself and then act like a bitch all the time" and then launches into song with the truer-than-true lyrics "My show is a little bit silly, and a little bit pretentious/Like Shakespeare's Willy, or Noam Chomsky wearing a strap-on." Think that's overly showy, and you'll just puke when you learn he was only 20 at the time of this recording, but if you happen to enjoy the way Burnham turns from erudite to ignorant on a dime, then Words Words Words is the gift that keeps on giving. Things move fast in this act, giving the home listeners a distinct advantage over the audience captured here, who often seem to be laughing five seconds after the fact as they unravel the wordplay. If you still can't decide if this offensive brainiac is for you, try one of his Shakespearian Sonnets ("And now my belly is yellow/My pole gives cause to storms and earthy quakes/But tis not massive, I am no Othello"), evil haikus ("Even if he is your friend/Never ever call an Asian person"), or hip-hop boasts ("If you're lucky, I might just bring you home/And I'll having you going down, like a girl with an extra chromosome"). Hilarious, plus you get the thrill of feeling smug and horrible at the very same time. ~ David Jeffries


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