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Jeremih: All About You

Track List

>All About You
>X's & O's
>Down on Me - (featuring 50 Cent)
>Take Off
>I Like - (featuring Ludacris)
>Waiter/The 5 Senses
>Broken Down
>Holding On
>Wanna Get Up
>Love Don't Change

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

"R&B and hip/hop are not what they used to be. It seems that the artists coming out now are interchangeable. All they need is a hook and they're set for life. Essentially music with no imagination and little to add to the rhythm and blues and hip/hop genres results to background noise that isn't worth your time. Still there is something to be said about solid musicianship and collaborations with other current talents. In this sea of mediocrity there are still some artists who may not push the envelope, but are creative enough to hold the interest of their listeners.

Jeremih's second album All About You is an eclectic mix of melodies that you can't get out of your head in a good way.

While the title track is pedestrian "X's and O's" has that lyrical style that will have you swaying and grooving to the music. Then there's "Down on Me" featuring 50 Cent. 50's rap streams seamlessly with the staccato beat and Jeremih's lyrics. The flow of this track will make it become one of your favorite songs for the year.

"Take Off" is another track that is sure to be a hit. The pulsating beat and experimentation with the stopping of the music for dramatic effect comes across as if the song is pure emotion. Words and melody blend fluidly as the need to escape and start taking care of your own needs are punctuated. Sometimes you really do need to "Take Off."

While the best thing about "I Like" featuring Ludacris is Ludacris' rap (before then the song is repetitious without saying anything) things pick up with "Waiter/The 5 Senses." It's driven by a slow, sexy groove that is meant to grind to. However, it's sexual without being vulgar. Besides how could any woman resist a man who says that he'll "be your waiter" in the bedroom?

Jeremih's stylistic vibe continues with "Broken Down." It's a track reminiscent of Stevie Wonder's "Lately" - a throwback to where songs were driven by storyline and the narrative were just as important as the beat. The piano on this track also exposes a vulnerability in Jeremih that is not seen in artists today. It's refreshing, well done and worthy of your time.

"Holding On" is yet another track that will remind you of a jam from back in the day. It has a timeless quality to it that speaks of fighting against forces even though you're "equipped with no armor." Powerful in its subtle melody "Holding On" will resonate and stay with you long after it's over.

Although the album isn't perfect (the track "Wanna Get Up" sounds like a cacophony of noise, "Sleepers" is a watered down version of "X's and O's" and "Love Don't Change" is pedestrian compared to the other songs on the album) there is enough here to make purchasing this album well worth your money.

So get your groove on with Jeremih - he's one of the few artists breathing new life into hip/hop and R&B." - ReviewFix

"Jeremih might never record a song as ubiquitous as "Birthday Sex," and that's OK. Pop genius strikes like lightning, and Jeremih's got one song that people will remember forever, which is all he really needs. But, looking to defy the sophomore slump, Jeremih's All About You seeks to recapture the after-hours sound of his debut with singles like "I Like," featuring Ludacris. Jeremih's sound isn't groundbreaking at all, the kind of dumb-it-down charm that's made Trey Songz equally famous, but he knows how to score a bedroom setting for his legions of teenage fans. Recorded with producer Mick Shultz, Jeremih explained to Rap-Up.com, "I am an artist and this is going to be all me, and I have to have a point to prove here." If that sounds overconfident, remember that he's from Chicago. What else did you expect?" - Prefixmag

Jeremih Felton (born July 17, 1987) who performs under the mononym Jeremih (pronounced /'d??r?ma?/), is an American recording artist and producer. Signed to Def Jam Recordings, Jeremih's debut single, "Birthday Sex", peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100. His self-titled debut album, Jeremih, debuted at number six on the Billboard 200, selling 59,000 copies in its first week.

Album Notes

Recording information: Doppler Studios, Atlanta, GA; Mick Schultz Studios, Chicago, IL; Shake 'Em Down Studios, Queens, NY.

Photographer: Diwang Valdez.

Like his self-titled debut, which coasted to the Top Ten of the Billboard 200, Jeremih's All About You is produced by partner Mick Schultz. Schultz's beats on Jeremih amalgamated the styles of numerous contemporaries, and there is much of the same here. The highlights, unsurprisingly, are the ballads for the bedroom. ~ Andy Kellman


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