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Niyaso Carter: Tantra: Sex For The Soul

Track List

>Tantra Can Change Your Life
>How We Got Here
>What Is Tantra?
>What Makes Sex Sacred?
>Make Love Often
>Open To Pleasure
>Discover Your Pelvic Breath
>Guilt and Sex Don't Mix
>Unspoken Desires & The Myth of Wordless Sex
>Putting Love and Sex Together
>Free Your Emotions, Joy Will Follow
>Talk About Your Sexlife!
>Play of Yin and Yang, The
>Energy and Kundalini
>Tantric Techniques and Foreplay
>Tantric Sex Meditation, Pt. 1
>Valley Orgasm
>Ejaculation Control and Other Sexual Phenomena
>Fantasies Can Offer Healing
>Kama Sutra and Positions
>Porn: What Hurts? What Heals?
>Joy of Surrender, The
>Self Pleasuring for Intimacy
>Lovemaking Is a Spiritual Practice
>How To Get IT More Often!
>Just Do It! Igniting The Sexual Spark
>Healing Sexual Trauma
>Where Did My Desire Go?
>Does Sacred Sex Require Monogamy?
>Save The Planet, Make Love!
>Intro To Exercises
>Shaking: Open Your Energy
>Undulation: Open the Spine
>Orbit: Refine Your Energy
>Intro to Partner Exercises
>Enjoy Eyegazing
>Breathing Together
>Energy Touch
>Yes, No, Maybe Touch
>Question and Touch
>Talk and Touch
>Genital Massage
>Sacred Spot Ritual
>Sacred Sex Meditation
>Yin Yang Exploration
>Month-Long Adventure


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