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Rick & Bubba: The Best Of Rick & Bubba: I Don't Think We Got The Tools To Pull This Off

Track List

>Greg Burgess Gets Health Check
>So, Speedy Loves Barns?
>Dickey And Dan Talk National Championship
>Roger Lewis Reports On Black Friday
>Bubba Gets Beat In Tennis By Old Man
>Speedys Heartfelt Miscommunication
>Christmas Season Ends On A Bad Note
>Rick Loses Phone And Deer Finds It
>GOD Gives Speedy's Son A Strange Ministry
>Veggies For Momma
>Our Wives Have No Mercy
>Saigon Tailoring
>Bubba Text Intended For Wife Goes Elsewhere
>Greg Has A Rock... In His Gallbladder
>Lady Replaced Thumb With Toe
>Mom And Coach Go With Rick To The Beach
>What Is On Bubba's Eye?
>Big Love Stops Dad In His Tracks
>Speedy Can't Match Wife's Present
>Miss Chubby
>How Hard Is It To Make A Plain Hot Dog?
>Rick And Bubba Become A Pack Of Beagles
>Dickey Calls Nevaduh!


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