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Alexandre Tansman: 24 Intermezzi; Petite Suite

> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 1
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 2
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 3
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 4
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 5
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 6
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 7
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 8
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 9
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 10
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 11
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 12
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 13
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 14
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 15
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 16
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 17
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 18
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 19
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 20
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 21
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 22
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 23
> 24 Intermezzi - Intermezzo No. 24
> Petite Suite - I. Vision
> Petite Suite - II. Berceuse
> Petite Suite - III. Meditation
> Petite Suite - IV. Chanson polonaise
> Petite Suite - V. Plainte orientale
> Petite Suite - VI. Caprice
> Petite Suite - VII. Scherzino
> Valse-impromptu - Valse-impromptu

Album Summary

>Tansman, Alexander : Intermezzi (24), for piano
>Tansman, Alexander : Petite Suite, for piano
>Tansman, Alexander : Valse-Impromptu, for piano
Performer Composer

Notes & Reviews:

Polish by birth, Alexandre Tansman settled in France in 1919 where he soon joined the ranks of the most prominent French and other European composers and musicians of the time. After many years of undeserved neglect, his vast catalogue of music is being rediscovered and enjoyed today. Ranging from tranquil lyricism to tragic gravity, Tansman’s highly sophisticated 24 Intermezzi are a form of intimate musical diary, written at a time when the composer’s life was divided between Europe and the USA. His inventive Petite Suite and Ravel-like Valse-Impromptu are no less delightful. A laureate of numerous competitions, Eliane Reyes is recognised as a rising star of her generation both as a soloist and chamber musician, with concerts throughout the world.

"Brief, fluid and exotic, [the first two books] are alive with many unnerving twists of harmony and direction...[Reyes's] performances are memorably refined, dextrous and committed. She is excellently recorded and this is clearly a disc for explorers." -Gramophone Magazine

The young Belgian pianist Eliane Reyes has a technique that allows him to play the music of Tansman supremely, perfectly meets the requirements virtuosos and sentimental. A well thought articulation, phrasing, rich and constantly alert, a color palette and a refined rubato allow it to better identify the miniature and maintain our interest throughout this recital.

Klassiek Centraal
Eliane Reyes brings a different and flawless as played, at times very lightly (as a pianist we can talk about feet) and at other times very deeply into the keys played. A very pleasant introduction to Tansman and particularly with the now grown rich maturity of this Belgian musician.

Crescendo (France)
Like any "World Premiere Recording"-the 24 Intermezzi and 7 parts of the Petite Suite are recorded here for the first time, only the Valse-Impromptu was known here-we have a CD to discover that, as a bonus, we bring the joy, the delicacy and freshness of a wonderful fellow pianist.

The Petite suite brings us back to the period of Polish Tansman, through miniature strangely calmed for another so dark (1917-1919), marked by a melancholy grace that recalls the memory of Chopin, seen through the prism of Scriabin, as evidenced by unresolved harmonies that mark the final measurements of each room. They also report how Tansman was ready to find his place in the French school, as the short Caprice harmonies so close to false local dances a Koechlin, orientalism of the Complaint or the espagnolade Scherzino .

American Record Guide
Reyes performs with poetic sensitivity and deftness. She has staccato wit in the fast pieces and liquid sensuality in the quiet ones. Highly recommended for anyone curious about this touted but strangely under-performed composer and for anyone looking for engaging new piano repertory.

What makes this album still more attractive is that it avoids duplication with Margaret Fingerhut's sensitively rendered recital of Tansman (Chandos 10527) that I reviewed in 2009. In short, fans of Tansman will certainly want this release.

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: Recital Studio B, Liège, Belgium.


Thank you for this marvellous recording! So much poetry and Tansman's music is under wonderful fingers!
Submitted on 02/21/11 by eleina vermot 
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Works Details

>Tansman, Alexander : Intermezzi (24), for piano
  • Performer: Reyes Eliane (Piano)
  • Running Time: 43 min. sec.
  • Period Time: Post Romantic
  • Written: 1939

>Tansman, Alexander : Petite Suite, for piano
  • Performer: Reyes Eliane (Piano)
  • Running Time: 5 min. 55 sec.
  • Period Time: Post Romantic
  • Written: 1917-1919

>Tansman, Alexander : Valse-Impromptu, for piano
  • Performer: Reyes Eliane (Piano)
  • Running Time: 1 min. 45 sec.
  • Period Time: Post Romantic
  • Written: 1940