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Jerry Clower: Icon

Track List

>Southern Humor
>Examples of a Redneck
>Idiotic Lawsuits
>Squirrel Huntin'
>Coon Huntin' Story, A
>Do You Want Some Soup?
>Marines Are Tough
>You're on My List
>Uncle Versie and the Gambler
>Marcel's Talkin' Chain Saw
>World's Largest Bull
>Seein' Eye Dog
>Deacon's Last Words, The
>Last Day of School, The

Album Notes

Jerry Clower's entry in Universal Music Group's Icon series isn't a perfect career overview since it relies a bit too heavily on the late comedian's `80s and `90s work. His `70s work is represented by only two tracks -- "A Coon Huntin' Story" and "Marcel's Talkin' Chain Saw" -- but they are the most important two, especially "Coon Huntin'," which is his breakthrough routine. While there's a slower charm to these early cuts, the rest of the set features pacing that will be much more familiar to the Blue Collar Comedy crowd, making Icon an easy entry point for fans of Larry the Cable Guy or Jeff Foxworthy. The usual Clower topics like dogs, bulls, Uncle Versie, and church folk are all here, along with all the varmints that ended up on his dinner table, like squirrels and raccoons. Maybe it gets a little gross, and some of the man's redneck wisdom might cause a stir in politically correct circles, but the Mouth of the Mississippi rightfully claimed he always made standup albums you could play in church, so no cuss words here. Check one of the larger sets, like Classic Clower Power, if you want the big picture, but Icon makes for an excellent intro if you prefer smaller slices. ~ David Jeffries


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