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Alexander Serov: Judith, opera / Irina Udalova, Elena Zaremba, Mikhail Krutikov

Audio Samples

  1. Serov — Judith: Overture (Orchestra) $0.69 on iTunes
  2. Serov — Judith, Act 1: Scene and Arioso "Our Sufferings Are Endless… Cease These Blaspheming Complaints!" (Ozias, Charmis, Eliachim)" $0.69 on iTunes
  3. Serov — Judith, Act 1: Chorus of the People "Our Sufferings and Our Anguish Grow Worse" (Chorus, Ozias) $0.69 on iTunes
  4. Serov — Judith, Act 1: "What Is That? Do You Hear?" (Chorus, Hebrew Warriors, Ozias, Charmis, Eliachim, Alchior) $0.69 on iTunes
  5. Serov — Judith, Act 1: Finale "God of Israel, Save Thy Servants" (All) $0.69 on iTunes
  6. Serov — Judith, Act 2: "These Are Our Last Drops of Water" (Avra, Judith) $0.69 on iTunes
  7. Serov — Judith, Act 2: "The Elders Are Coming" (Avra, Ozias, Charmis, Judith) $0.69 on iTunes
  8. Serov — Judith, Act 2: "Judith, I Implore You" (Avra, Judith) $0.69 on iTunes
  9. Serov — Judith, Act 2: Interlude. The March of Holofernes (Orchestra) $0.69 on iTunes
  10. Serov — Judith, Act 3: Chorus of Odalisques and Dances "Upon the River Euphrates" (First Odalisque, Chorus, Second Odalisque) $0.69 on iTunes
  11. Serov — Judith, Act 3: "Out of My Sight" (Holofernes, Asfaneses) $0.69 on iTunes
  12. Serov — Judith, Act 3: Chorus of Assyrians "What is Happening in the Camp… A Jewess of a Beauty Never Seen Before" (Bagoas, Chorus) $0.69 on iTunes
  13. Serov — Judith, Act 3: "Behold, Holofernes Has Heard the News" (Bagoas, Chorus, Holofernes, Judith, Avra, Asfaneses)
  14. Serov — Judith, Act 3: Final Chorus "There is No Power on Earth Equal to Ours" (Chorus) $0.69 on iTunes
  15. Serov — Judith, Act 4: Prelude. Bacchanalian Dance of the Odalisques $0.69 on iTunes
  16. Serov — Judith, Act 4: Dance of Two Almahs (Orchestra) $0.69 on iTunes
  17. Serov — Judith, Act 4: Festive Chorus. Orgy of Holofernes "Fill the Cups With Wine" (Chorus, Holofernes, Bagoas) $0.69 on iTunes
  18. Serov — Judith, Act 4: Hindu Song "I Love You, Shining Moon" (Bagoas) $0.69 on iTunes
  19. Serov — Judith, Act 4: Judith, Approach (Holofernes, Judith, Avra, Bagoas, Chorus) $0.69 on iTunes
  20. Serov — Judith, Act 4: Finale "But Where Are You, Jewess?" (Holofernes, Judith, Bagoas, Avra)
  21. Serov — Judith, Act 5: Chorus of the Starving "If God Has Abandoned Us (Chorus, Achior, Ozias, High Priest, Judith, Charmis)
  22. Serov — Judith, Act 5: "Here is the Head of Holofernes" (Judith, Achior, Chorus, Priest, Ozias) $0.69 on iTunes
  23. Serov — Judith, Act 5: Final Chorus "We Have Conquered" (Chorus, Judith) $0.69 on iTunes

Album Summary

>Se, Alexander Nikolayevich : Judith, opera
Conductor Ensemble Composer

Notes & Reviews:

A veritable find for opera lovers and connoisseurs is Serov's 'Judith'. This important work in the development of Russian opera was written in the 1860s and ties in the true romantic/dramatic style which forebodes the operas of Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky. With an all-Russian cast supported by the great Bolshoi Theater Orchestra, this 2-CD set remains the only recording of 'Judith' available.

Notes & Reviews:

Personnel: Marina Shutova, Elena Zaremba, Mikhail Krutikov, Anatolji Babykin, Maxim Mikhailov, Lev Kuznetsov, Nikolai Vassiliev, Irina Zhurina, Vladimir Kudriashov, Stanislav Suleimanov, Irina Udalova, Pyotr Gluboky (vocals).

Recording information: 1991.


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Works Details

>Se, Alexander Nikolayevich : Judith, opera
  • Conductor: Andrey Chistiakov
  • Ensemble: Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
  • Running Time: 5 min. 7 sec.
  • Period Time: Romantic
  • Form: Opera/Operetta