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Walton: Troilus and Cressida / Hickox, Opera North

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>Walton, William : Troilus and Cressida
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"...the performance of Troilus has romantic propulsion, aided by exceptional work from chorus and orchestra...The recorded sound is spectacular, and the libretto is given in three languages." -Opera News

Gramophone Classical Music Guide
Troilus and Cressida is here powerfully presented as an opera for the central repertory, traditional in its red-blooded treatment of a big classical subject. Few operas since Puccini's have such a rich store of instantly memorable tunes as this. Walton wrote the piece in the wake of the first great operatic success of his rival, Benjamin Britten. What more natural than for Walton, by this time no longer an enfantterrible of British music but an Establishment figure, to turn his back on operas devoted like Britten's to offbeat subjects and to go back to an older tradition using a classical love story, based on Chaucer (not Shakespeare). Though he was praised for this by critics in 1954, he was quickly attacked for being old-fashioned. Even in the tautened version of the score offered for the 1976 Covent Garden revival - with the role of the heroine adapted for the mezzo voice of Dame Janet Baker - the piece was described by one critic as a dodo. Yet as Richard Hickox suggests, fashion after 40 years matters little, and the success of the Opera North production in January 1995 indicated that at last the time had come for a big, warmly Romantic, sharply dramatic work to be appreciated on its own terms.

This recording was made under studio conditions during the run of the opera in Leeds. The discs confirm what the live performances suggested, that Walton's tautening of the score, coupled with a restoration of the original soprano register for Cressida, proved entirely successful.

Hickox conducts a performance that's magnetic from beginning to end. The scene is atmospherically set in Act 1 by the chorus, initially off-stage, but then with the incisive Opera North chorus snapping out thrilling cries of 'We are accurs'd!'.

The first soloist one hears is the High Priest, Calkas, Cressida's father, about to defect to the Greeks, and the role is superbly taken by the firm, dark-toned Clive Bayley. Troilus's entry and his declaration of love for Cressida bring Waltonian sensuousness and the first statements of the soaring Cressida theme. Arthur Davies isn't afraid of using his head voice for pianissimos, so contrasting the more dramatically with the big outbursts and his ringing top notes. This is a young-sounding hero, Italianate of tone. Similarly, Judith Howarth's Cressida is quite girlish, and she brings out the vulnerability of the character along with sweetness and warmth. After Calkas has defected to the Greeks, her cry of 'He has deserted us and Troy!' conveys genuine fear, with her will undermined.

All told, although some fine music has been cut, the tautened version is far more effective both musically and dramatically, with no longueurs.

The role of Diomede, Cressida's Greek suitor, can seem one-dimensional, but Alan Opie in one of his finest performances on record sharpens the focus, making him a genuine threat, with the element of nobility fully allowed. As Antenor, James Thornton sings strongly but is less steady than the others, while Yvonne Howard is superb in the mezzo role of Evadne, Cressida's treacherous servant and confidante. Not just the chorus but the orchestra of Opera North respond with fervour.

Naturally and idiomatically they observe the Waltonian rubato and the lifting of jazzily syncopated rhythms which Hickox as a dedicated Waltonian instils, echoing the composer's own example. As for the recorded sound, the bloom of the acoustic enhances the score, helped by the wide dynamic range.


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>Walton, William : Troilus and Cressida
  • Performers: Clive Bayley (Bass); Bruce Budd (Bass Baritone); Brian Cookson (Tenor); Arthur Davies (Tenor); Stephen Dowson (Bass); Yvonne Howard (Mezzo Soprano); Judith Howarth (Soprano); Alan Opie; Nigel Robson (Tenor)
  • Conductor: Richard Hickox
  • Ensemble: Opera North Chorus
  • Notes: Leeds Town Hall, Leeds, Yorkshire, England (01/19/1995-01/25/1995)
  • Running Time: 6 min. 36 sec.
  • Period Time: Modern
  • Form: Opera/Operetta
  • Written: 1947-1976