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Rick Adam: Professor Paddy-Whack Goes To the Fair

Track List

>Wakeup Paddy-Whack
>Going To the Fair
>Here We Are!
>Peanuts & Popcorn
>Becky & Tom
>Paddy-Whack One Man Band
>Let's Have a Parade
>More Trouble For Billy
>Balloonatic, The
>Where To Next?
>Skip To My Lou
>Soup Can Alley
>Soup Can Sam
>Looking For Uncle Sam
>Yankee Doodle
>Finding Uncle Sam
>Each of Us is Special
>Even More Trouble For Billy
>Old Mac Donald's Farm
>Tractor Pull, The
>Farmer Abel
>Ferris Wheel
>This Old Man
>Paddy-Whack Saves the Day


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