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Plato (Philospher): The Republic

Track List

>"I Went Down to Piraeus Yesterday With Glaucon"
>"With Pleasure, Cephalus"
>"What Would You Say Is the Greatest Benefit You Have Derived from Your
>Polemarchus "Inherits the Discussion" on the Definition of Justice
>"All Right Then When People Are Unwell..." -The Just Man
>Thrasymachus Takes Control of the Argument
>Thrasymachus: "Some Cities Are Tyrannies, Some Are Democracies and ..."
>Socrates: "It's Neither Here nor There, Polemarchus, " I Said
>Glaucon Puts the Argument for Injustice
>Glaucon: The Legend of Gyhes the Lydian
>Socrates Defends Justice
>Socrates: "The Origin of a City Lies... in That We Are Not, Any of Us,
>Socrates: "In Which Case, Where Exactly Are Justice and Injustice ..."
>Origin of War and the Need for Guardians- Soldiers, The
>Socrates: "Which of These People Are to Rule, And Which to Be Ruled"
>Full Guardians and the Auxiliaries, The Defenders of the Ruler's ..., The
>Phoenician Story and the Training of the Auxiliaries, The
>Four Elements of a City Which Is Wholly Good: Wisdom, Courage, ..., The
>Role of the Classes in Society- The Skilled Worker or Businessman; the, The
>Rational and the Spirited, The
>Socrates: "Which Is More Profitable: Just Actions, Good Behavior... or
>Adeimantus Raises the Question of the Role of Women in Society
>Socrates Continues the Discussion
>Situation of Children, The
>Socrates: "The Greatest Good... and the Greatest Evil... in the ..."
>On Campaign With the Children
>Treatment of the Enemy- Enslavement?, The
>Model of Justice and a Model of Injustice, A
>Socrates: "There Is No End to Suffering... Unless Either ..."
>Training of the Rulers, The
>Glaucon: "Yes, He Said. "It Is a Good Idea to Find That Out"
>Socrates: "...the Most Important Branch of Study Is the Form or ..."
>Faculty of Sight, The
>Socrates: "This Is What You Must Take Me to Mean by the Child of ..."
>Ruler of What Can Be Understood and the Ruler of What Can Be Seen, The
>Metaphor of the Community in the Cave, The
>Returning to Everyday Life After the Contemplation of the Divine
>"In Which Case, Glaucon, You Should Bear in Mind"
>Agreed Characteristics of the City, The
>Four Regimes of Rule: The Cretan or Spartan, The (Honour-Loving- Timarchy),
>Timeocracy of Timarchy
>I Imagine the Next Regime... Oligarchy
>"...That Leaves Us With the Task of Describing... Tyranny"
>Socrates: "What Prompts the Change from Champion to Tyrant?"
>Verdict: 'The Best... Is the One Who Is Most Kingly, The One Who ..., The
>Second Proof- The Three Parts of the Soul: Pleasure, Desire, Rule, A
>Here Are Three Men..."
>Glaucon: "Explain, Please, Why Pleasure Is a Shadow- Picture"
>Socrates: Do You Know What Sort of Thing These Pleasures and Pains Are
>Socrates: "A Great Prize Is at Stake, Glaucon... for Being Good Rather
>Tale of Er, The Son of Armenius, The
>New Journey to the Light- And Eight Whorls, A
>"... When They Arrived They Had to Go Immediately Before Lachesis"
>Choice: The Middle Way
>"This Choice of Lives Among the Various Souls..."
>Socrates: "Practise Justice With Wisdom"

Album Notes

Recording information: Motivation Sound Studios, London, England.

Translator: Tom Griffith.


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