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Freda Dowie: Wuthering Heights

Track List

>Mr. Lockwood's Visit
>Inhabitants of Wuthering Heights, The
>Ghost from the Past, A
>Tale Begins to Unfold, The
>Nelly Dean Begins Her Story; Heathcliff's Arrival
>Mr. Earnshaw's Death and Hindley's Marriage
>Cathy and the Lintons
>Edgar's Visits to Wuthering Heights
>Cathy Tells Her Secret; Heathcliff Disappears
>Heathcliffe Returns
>Isabella's Fancy
>Hareton, Heathcliff's Apprentice
>Edgar's Jealousy and Cathy's Anger
>Cathy's Health Deteriorates; Heathcliff Elopes With Isabella
>Heathcliff and Cathy's Last Meeting
>Catherine's Birth and Cathy's Death
>Isabella and Linton Leave Wuthering Heights
>Hindley Dies, Heathcliff Inherits
>Catherine's Childhood
>Catherine's First Visit to the Heights
>Isabella Dies; Linton Returns to His Father
>Catherine Meets Heathcliff
>Secret Correspondence, The
>Heathcliff Entices Catherine Back to Wuthering Heights
>Secret Visits Discovered, The
>Mrs Dean and Catherine Detained at the Heights
>Catherine's Marriage and Her Father's Death
>Linton Dies; Catherine at Heathcliff's Mercy
>Mr Lockwood Revisits Thrushcross Grange
>Catherine and Hareton
>Heathcliff Longs for Death
>Tyrant Alone, The
>Heathcliff and Cathy Reunited in Death

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Heather Godwin.


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