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Morning Parade: Morning Parade

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Morning Parade's debut album is set for release in June, on the heels of U.S. tour dates with the Kooks and riotous performances last month at SXSW. "2012 has been a blur," Sparrow says from Wales, where the band is recording new songs for the LP. Things are about to get busier for the band: they're set to play several festivals and additional U.S. shows this summer, all before playing the Olympic Torch Relay in Hyde Park for the 2012 Summer games in London. "There is a certain majesty about the event, " Sparrow says of the Olympics. "It's about people pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits to create history. To be any part of it is a huge honor."

Q Magazine
Headlights' has choruses to spare and will defi nitely blow your mind.

We can never have too many thundering beats, booming choruses, and guitar-driven songs in our lives.

What do you get when you meld together the ebb and fl ow of 90s dance anthems with the crunch and tingle of indie rock? You get the soaring and catchy sounds of British band Morning Parade.

They clearly know the direction they are heading.

The majority of the songs follow the same pattern of a quiet, pulled back verse that goes into a strong chorus. The electronic vibe throughout the album does add a nice twist to each song and gives Morning Parade their unique sound but it wouldn't be a big loss if it wasn't there. Saying that though if it wasn't for the electronic vibe throughout the album then this could sound like it was made by any band especially when it comes to guitar driven song "Close To Your Heart".

Nickkil Duff Blog
Headlights will make you sing 'Like a rabbit in the headlights' for days... The driving rhythms and atmospheric, electro influenced stadium-indie and heartfelt lyrics are convincing through the entire collection.


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