Sugarcoma: Becoming Something Else

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CMJ (9/2/02) - "...[Sugarcoma is] committed to hard rock with hooks and jump up 'n down riffs..."

Album Notes

This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.

Sugarcoma: Jessica Mayers (vocals); Claire Simson (guitar); Heidi McEwen (bass); James Cuthbert (drums).

Sugarcoma is a U.K.-based alternative rock band whose most memorable feature is their three-to-one female/male member ratio. Although this may lead one to quickly place them in the Kittie alt-metal genre and forget them, there is more to this group than sex appeal. Becoming Something Else also is much more then alt-metal, as the music captured here has a much poppier feel as well as a distinct hardcore intensity that recalls Earth Crisis. The album was produced by Colin Richardson, well known for work with such metal bands as Machine Head and Five Pointe O, and he helps bring forth the multi-faceted aspects of Sugarcoma surprisingly well, enhancing the pop hooks to be that much catchier and the enraged scream/shouts to be that much angrier as a result. Musically there isn't a whole lot to wow the listener, but it is solid and compliments the vocals exceedingly well. As with the majority of European-based rock/metal groups, it's hard to tell whether Sugarcoma will make any impact on American shores, yet Becoming Something Else is worth hearing, if only to chuckle at the unexpected cover of Britney Spears' "(You Drive Me) Crazy." ~ Jason D. Taylor


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