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Aki Omori/Lara Baumann/Marco Schnabl/Karen Savva: Heroes Quantum Method of Yoga

Track List

>Viloma in Supine Bound Angle Pose
>Uncoiling into Mountain Pose
>Bija Mantras in Horse-Riding Stance
>Sun Salutation
>Triangle and Revolving Triangle
>Lateral Angle and Revolving Lateral Angle Pose
>Archer & Gate
>Quantum Mini-Sequence
>Shiva Nataraja's Three Aspects
>Heroes Variations: Three-Part One-Legged Forward-Bend, Heron and Sage Bharadvaja Twist
>Child-Cobra & Frog
>Moving Elevated Bow/Cradle and Cosmic Egg
>Shoulder-Standing Leg-Raisers
>Shoulderstand Variations
>Couch and Supine Hero
>Breath of the Soul, The
>Awakening, The
>I Surrender My Life
>With You I'm Heaven
>Karena's Mantra
>Heroes' Song
>Rain Song
>Shiva Variations
>Om Nama Shiva Ya
>Come and Go
>Moving Soul, The
>Rama Bolo Mantra
>Lakshmi Ha Mantra
>Healing Sounds
>Angel Hugs


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