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Dr. Emmett Miller (Nuage): Rainbow Butterfly

Audio Samples

>Rainbow Meditation
>Awakening the Rainbow Butterfly

Track List

>Rainbow Meditation
>Awakening the Rainbow Butterfly

Album Notes

Personnel: Dr. Emmett Miller (percussion).

Emmett E. Miller is a physician, healer, and lecturer in self-awareness. This guided imagery meditation features the music of concert harpist and spiritual composer Georgia Kelly, who offers noble and relaxing themes to set the sonic stage for the process. The two guided meditations, "Rainbow Meditation" and "Awakening the Rainbow Butterfly," are written and narrated by Miller. His voice has a hypnotic quality -- with vowels that are often elongated -- but his vocal quality is masculine and musical. Miller begins the first meditation with a "letting go" process, then proceeds to describes images about the energies of the colors of the rainbow. For instance, he will instruct the listener to breathe out "red," and to feel the warmth of the skin. Smell, touch, taste red. "All around, red." The second piece encourages the listener to escape the cocoon of the past and go with the flow of change. Kelly and Miller are very simpatico with the flow of the language, music, and intention. A high-quality experience. ~ Carol Wright


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