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Various Artists: Rough Guide to the Music of Hungary [Digipak]

Track List

>Erdélyes [Transylvanian] - Lakatos Róbert És a Rév
>Agról-Agra [From Branch To Branch] - Beáta Palya
>Csángó Boogie - Kerekes Band
>Keserédes Kávé [Bittersweet Coffee] - Gipsy Cimbalom Band/Kálmán Balogh
>Kisacko Kolo - Ferus Mustafov
>Puter Mama [Mother Open] - The Gypsy Youth Project/Béla Lakatos
>Baj Van Medley - Die Naye Kapelye/The Técsöi Banda
>Süss Fel Nap [Come Out, Sun!]
>Elmentem A Piacra - Agi Szaloki
>Mikor Kend Es Pista Batyam - Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra
>Hegedut A Kezibe [The Fiddle In His Hand] - Agnes Herczuku/Szalonna and His Band
>A Szeretet Próbája [A Test Of True Love] - Szilvia Bognár
>Rávágok A Zongorára [Hit The Piano] - Parno Graszt
>Kurucz Mahala - Buda Folk Band
>Csillag Vagy Fecske [Star Or Swallow] - Lovasi András/Csík Band
>Megy A Nap Lefelé [Now The Sun Starts To Sink] - Primas Parade
>Kelushka - Mitsoura
>Csípd + [Bite It] - Tárkány-Müvek
>A Pünkösdi Rózsa [The Pentecostal Rose] - Tárkány-Müvek
>Hess Páva [Hush Peacock] - Tárkány-Müvek
>Semmi Sem Hasonlít Hozzád [Nothing Compares To You] - Tárkány-Müvek
>Még A Fák Is Sírnak [The Trees Still Cry] - Tárkány-Müvek
>Öszi Vázlat [Autumn Sketch] - Tárkány-Müvek
>Ugy Szeretlek [So Much I Love You] - Tárkány-Müvek
>Csiririp [Chee-ree-reep] - Tárkány-Müvek
>Csak Egyszer Voltam Boldog [Once In My Life I Was Happy] - Tárkány-Müvek
>Nyisd Ki Babám [Open Up Baby] - Tárkány-Müvek
>Nehéz Nap Véget Ér - Tárkány-Müvek

Album Notes

Translator: Irène Rognier.

It's been several years since the last Rough Guide to the music of Hungary and a new generation of musicians has come forward. This presents them in a showcase to the rest of the world, and they're very impressive they are. Violinist Robert Lakatos is explosive on the opener, a medley of tunes from Transylvania that highlights his fiery style -- and also manages to connect to the past, as all the pieces were originally collected by composer Béla Bartók, for whom folk melodies were important. The 12-bar boogie isn't exactly a Hungarian music form, but the Kerekes Band makes it into a Balkan art form with some astonishing flute playing that's quite breathtaking. It wouldn't be a Hungarian album without some cimbalom, or hammered dulcimer, and in Kalman Balogh, the album has a virtuoso, here playing a Romanian piece that's quite staggering. There's plenty of violin and klezmer music (gypsy and klezmer music often mixed in the 19th century), and Die Naye Kapelye plays true village music. There's also some hurdy-gurdy, wonderful singing from Szilvia Bognar, still very young but mature beyond her years in both adventure and delivery. But the award for ear-grabbing originality might well lie with Primas Parade, where electric guitar, voice and sax combine to create something new out of folk music -- no fiddle included. It's indicative of the fact that the new Hungarian scene is not only vibrant, but growing. ~ Chris Nickson


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