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Various Artists: Adventure Music: Ten Years [Digipak]

Track List

>Vinheta Espanha Ou Do Agreste? [Spanish Vignette or Wild Northeast?] - Orquestra Popular de Camara
>Bluishmen - Moacir Santos
>Keeper of the Flame - Tom Lellis
>For Elis - Clarice Assad
>Gregorian Samba - Daniel Santiago
>Se Você Disser Que Sim [If You Say Yes] - Muiza Adnet
>Cravo e Canela [Cinnamon and Clove] - Luiz Avellar/Ricardo Silveira
>Song of Delight - Maeve Gilchrist
>Cat, The Mouse and The Chicken, The - Caterina Lichtenberg/Mike Marshall
>Brasilianos - Hamilton De Holanda Quinteto
>Tanto Canto [So Much Song] - Léa Freire
>Adeus America - Samba Meets Boogie Woogie
>Roseando - Jovino Santos Neto/Mike Marshall
>Sharon by the Sea - Dusty Brough/Eva Scow
>Em Torno De Influências [Around the Influences] - Benjamim Taubkin
>Felipe - Moacir Santos
>Road Song - Alex Hargreaves
>Colsas Demais Por Fazer [Many Things To Do] - Marcos Amorim
>Futuro, Flor [The Future, Flor], El - Florencia Ruiz
>Tonada - María Márquez
>Passareiro [Birdsong] - Jovino Santos Neto
>Ano Bom [Good Year] - Hamilton De Holanda Quinteto
>Dirt Road [Estrada de Terra] - Philippe Baden Powell
>Vento [Wind] - Nicola Stilo/Toninho Horta
>Outro Rio [Another Rio] - Ricardo Silveira
>Ima - Claudia Villela/Ricardo Peixoto
>Baiao Två - Gui Mallon
>Yo No Tengo Quien Me Quiera [I've No One To Love Me] - Lucia Pulido
>Flower of Life [Flor da Vida] - Hamilton de Holanda/Yamandu Costa
>Cançoes e Momentos - Tom Lellis
>Alma do Nordeste [Soul of the Northeast] - Jovino Santos Neto
>De Repente, Estou Feliz [Happily Happy] - Moacir Santos
>Um Trombone Na Rua Tereza [A Trombone On Tereza Street] - Vittor Santos
>Receita De Samba [Recipe for Samba] - Mike Marshall/Choro Famoso
>Music Inside [Ela] - Mario Adnet
>Signals of Rain - André Vasconcellos
>Cumbia Cienaguera - Antonio Arnedo
>Nature's Princess - María Márquez
>Diablo Suelta [The Loose Devil], El - Mike Marshall
>Lamentos Do Morro [Moans of the Hill] - Modern Traditions Ensemble
>Agora Eu Sei [Now I Know] - Moacir Santos
>Music and the Word, The - Contemporary America
>Forslund - Darol Anger/Mike Marshall - (featuring Väsen)
>Choro Moreno - Orquestra Popular de Camara

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Monday Michiru.

Photographer: Takashi Matsuzaki.

Ten Years is a celebration of a label that's lived up to its name, putting out an eclectic mix of music -- everything from Brazilian to American roots-meets-Sweden and several points in between. Its focus has been on the jazzy side of the tracks and on Brazil, but at best, that's a generalization; the label has gone wherever its heart has led it. There's nothing here that hasn't already been released, sadly, but it's a chance to discover some gems that might otherwise have escaped attention, especially from the label's early days, like Moacir Santos' "Bluishmen" from 2004, or "Roseando" from the year before. The label has been more active recently, and more adventurous, as with the duo album from Eva Scow and Dusty Brough (represented here by "Sharon by the Sea") or Benjamin Taubkin's superb piano work. At three discs, it's probably a little too long -- two would have been fine -- but then again, maybe it's not possible to have too much of a good thing. ~ Chris Nickson


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