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Chico's Jugband: Re: Fused

> Baby, Please Don't Go - Baby, Please Don't Go
> Maxwell Street Blues - Maxwell Street Blues
> Dallas Rag - Dallas Rag
> Prison Wall Blues - Prison Wall Blues
> 4th Street Mess Around - 4th Street Mess Around
> Spoonful - Spoonful
> Out With the Wrong Woman - Out With the Wrong Woman
> Brown Skin Blues - Brown Skin Blues
> One Letter Home - One Letter Home
> Whiskey and Gin Blues - Whiskey and Gin Blues
> Lowland Blues - Lowland Blues
> Stuff They Call Money - Stuff They Call Money
> Bring It With You When You Come - Bring It With You When You Come
> Boodle-De-Bum - Boodle-De-Bum

Track List

>Baby, Please Don't Go
>Maxwell Street Blues
>Dallas Rag
>Prison Wall Blues
>4th Street Mess Around
>Out With the Wrong Woman
>Brown Skin Blues
>One Letter Home
>Whiskey and Gin Blues
>Lowland Blues
>Stuff They Call Money
>Bring It With You When You Come

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Borrow, remix, interpret, experiment and create their own version of various styles and origins: that is the hallmark of Chico's Jugband. The band was formed in 1985 in Stockholm - and was probably the only jugband of its kind in Sweden until the tour end in 2001 - a band that always took advantage of the great freedom in the jugband tradition. The designation Jugband began to appear in the U.S. a few years after 1900 and the music had its heyday in the interwar period 1920-1940. It was called "The New Craze" and was primarily dance and light music with artists such as Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers and the Memphis Jug Band - important role models for Chico's Jugband. But what is jugband music? Does it belong to any particular category and is it possible to place in any of the usual music genres? Is it the blues, or any kind of traditional jazz and are there hints of ragtime? And of course you can hear some of the elements of old-time country music, right?


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