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Plastikman: Sheet One

Track List


Album Notes

Plastikman: Richie Hawtin (various instruments).

Recorded at UTK, Windsor, Canada.

Recording information: Atutx.

Richie Hawtin's full-length debut, 1993's SHEET ONE, saw the U.K.-born, Canadian-raised, U.S.-based artist emerge from Detroit's dance-oriented techno underground with a softer, more cerebral creative vision. Merging the best of both worlds, Hawtin applies the beat-based vocabulary of house and techno to his own process of minimalist composition, atmospheric textures and evocative tonal shadings. The pure, Eno-esque ambient colorings of "Dre," the quiet, ambiguous sound shadings of "Vokx," and the otherworldly beauty of "Gak" (which was later remixed on the RECYCLED PLASTIK EP) indicate that Hawtin is no ordinary turntablist. Still, beat-based mind journeys like "Glob," with its looping bass groove, and "Helikoptor," in which the phased tone oscillates to approximate the song's title, show that Hawtin has no intention of abandoning his techno/rave/acid house roots. SHEET ONE is an auspicious first album from a prime player in the world of electronica.


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