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Christ on a Crutch: Shit Edge and Other Songs for the Young and Sentimental [PA]

Track List

>Food For Thought [Dance Remix] - (remix)
>You Crack Me Up
>Will Of The Masses
>Song For A Slab Of Pork
>Nation Of Sheep
>What You Don't Give Me (I'll Have To Steal)
>Christian's Crack Diary, A
>Paranoid World Vision
>Shit Edge
>Nation Of Sheep [Version 2]
>Fish People
>Christian's Crack Diary [Version 2], A

Album Notes

For the record, Christ On A Crutch bassist Nate Mendells went on to be a Foo Fighter. For the real record, this compilation of Christ On A Crutch EPs and compilation cuts is an unmitigated blast of pig-hating, apathy-blasting, mediocrity-exposing punk ardor. The shaking snake-rattle and demon-mask of punk philosophy here are the work of modern-day furtively curative shamans. Of course, such pagan rituals no longer heal. So, I mark their honesty, note their messianic rebellion and respect the delivery of their verbal pipe bombs. ~ Tom Schulte


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