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Mannheim Steamroller: Discovery

Track List

>Escape from the Atmosphere
>Dancin' in the Stars
>Z-Row Gravity
>Creatures of Levania
>Storm, The
>Come Home to the Sea
>Twilight at Rhodes
>Night Festival at Rhodes
>Sunrise at Rhodes
>Olympics, The
>Descent Into the Underworld
>Dialog with the Devil
>Ascent from Hell
>Conjuring the Number 7
>Sunday the 7th Day
>7 Colours of the Rainbow, The
>7 C's, The
>7 Metals of Alchemy, The
>Chakra 1
>Chakra 2
>Chakra 3
>Chakra 4
>Chakra 5
>Chakra 6
>Chakra 7
>7 Stars of the Big Dipper, The
>Greek Suite: Main Titles
>Greek Suite: Day Party
>Greek Suite: Interlude 8
>Greek Suite: Night Party
>Greek Suite: Goddesses in the Forest
>Big Bang, The (Infinity in Cosmology)
>Leonardo (The Infinite Thinker)
>Fractals (Infinity in Mathematics)
>Waterfall (Infinity in Art)
>Circle of Love, The (Infinity in the Wedding Band)
>Steamroller, The (Infinity in Music)
>Heat and the Feather, The (Infinity in the Egyptian Afterlife)


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