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Maggie Brown/Oscar Brown, Jr.: We're Live [Digipak] *

> Young Jazz - Young Jazz
> Bird Life - Bird Life
> Billie Brown's Bounce - Billie Brown's Bounce
> Bird Chase - Bird Chase
> Midnight (On this Beach) - Midnight (On this Beach)
> A Tree and Me - A Tree and Me
> All Blues Medley - All Blues Medley
> My Strongman - My Strongman
> Insight - Insight
> When Malindy Sings - When Malindy Sings
> All Over (Ode Owed Youth) - All Over (Ode Owed Youth)
> My Little Maggie - My Little Maggie
> Brown Baby - Brown Baby
> Old Lover's Song - Old Lover's Song

Track List

>Young Jazz
>Bird To Word - Billy Brown's Bounce
>Bird Chase
>Midnight (On This Beach)
>Tree and Me, A
>All Blues Madley
>When Malindy Sings
>All Over (Ode Owed Youth)
>My Little Maggie
>Brown Baby
>Old Lover's Song

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: Stephen Holtje; Maggie Brown.

Recording information: The HotHouse For International Performance, Chicago, IL (04/22/2001).

Photographers: Larry Lapidus; Eric Werner.


Father /daughter songs jazz up anniversary setting
Oscar Brown, Jr and daughter Maggie Brown offer a celebratory production of songs for jazz remembrance and enjoyment. The album, misnamed here “We’re Live”, was recorded twelve years ago at a live Chicago performance. With a pleasing blend of voices, the duo covers a variety of songs and is supported by a well-tempered jazz trio. Additional performance of the trio would be most welcome.

Whether Mr. Brown came out of retirement or Ms. Brown was just entering the genre is indiscernible from the booklet, as it is printed in a very light font against beige boxes across the pages, resulting in four pages of unreadable text and undecipherable photographs. Father’s voice conveys experience and the ways of the world; daughter’s voice is light and easy in her range. The entire group, including the additional sister, conveys the notion of a friendly family reunion, if not many years of blending together.

This album will be a satisfying background for easy listening at a party, dinner, or get-together.

Submitted on 07/03/13 by musichathcharms 
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