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Ceumar: Dindinha

Track List

>Outra Era
>O seu olhar
>Onde qué
>Boi de Haxixe
>Rosa Maria
>Gira de Meninos
>Boca da Noite
>Jabuticaba Total
>Alguém Total
>As Perigosas
>Girias do Norte
>Lenha na Quentura

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Joy, Sorrow, passion and every day life are represented by traditional and contemporary Brazilian songs. Ceumar creates a fascinating and pleasing fusion of Brazilian folk with pop, jazz and samba influences.

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: Diz Heller; Ben Mendes; Ceumar.

Recording information: Bebop Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil; FECAP Theater, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Mega Studio; Studio Mosca, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Wah-Wah Studio; Zabumba Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Photographer: André Magalhaes.

Translator: Ute Entwistle.

The opening album of a new sensitive singer, Ceumar. Avoiding easy shortcuts to success, Ceumar left out all electronic devices and such trends, preferring to invest in sensitive interpretations with her limpid voice for old composers' classics (the samba "Maldito Costume" by Sinhô, 1929; the instigating recreation for Luiz Gonzaga's "Olha Pro Céu," in marcha-rancho rhythm, where all backing she had is her own voice in overdubs) and "new" composers' (that is, from professionals with 20 years of career) songs, like "Dindinha," "Cantiga," "Boi de Haxixe," "Pecadilhos" by the producer Zeca Baleiro, "Banzo" by Itamar Assumpçao, "Galope Rasante" (Zé Ramalho), and "Geofrey, A Lenda Do Ginete" (Chico César). A delicious album, delicate and inspired, interpreted with authoritative musicality. The only unfulfilled promise is "Let It Grow," which loses in the comparison with the previous recording by Renaissance's Annie Haslam and her three-octave range. ~ Alvaro Neder


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