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Laura Hall: Improv Karaoke, Vol. 1

Track List

>80s Pop Demo: At the Starbucks
>Funk Demo: Home Cooking
>Dramatic Ballad Demo: Slippery Crab
>Disco Demo: Sleepover
>Alt. Pop Demo: Pets
>Acid Rock Demo: My Cat, Bill
>Country Faux Down Demo: Shopping
>Reggae Demo: Romeo & Juliet
>R&B Ballad Demo: My Dad Is So Embarrassing
>Swingy Thingy Demo: Mt. Whitney
>Gangsta Rap Demo: Hole in the Ceiling
>A Brief Intro
>80s Pop
>Dramatic Ballad
>Alt. Pop
>Acid Rock
>Country Faux Down
>R & B Ballad
>Swingy Thingy
>Gangsta Rap


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