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Nick Didkovsky: The $100 Guitar Project *

Track List

>Deni-zen Koan
>Bale Wagon
>$100 Guitar Blues
>Fire In God's Path, A
>Watch and Watch
>Fond Lover, A
>Berceuse Bas De Gamme [Cheap Lullaby]
>Fish Eye
>Seared Beard
>Hunnerdollas 'O' Lovin'
>Chainring Compatibility
>Out of Tune Guitar [$100 Guitar Version], The
>100$ Pedalfest
>Son of Lion
>D & B Eurotunnel
>Apophenia: A Atomic Symphony in 10 Movements: You Seek/A Comfortable Spot to Listen/To This/Track the Sofa Perhaps/Or the/Floor However/Standing Hand/Suspended Over the Voluma/Control You/Find That/It is
>100 One-Dollar Guitars/Siciliano from Violin Sonata No. 1 by J.S. Bach [Excerpt]
>Leadbelly's Jalopy
>Adjustable Rod - (featuring Joe Bouchard)
>Red Cent
>Harmonic Prayer
>Hi Ma
>Duchess Bridge
>5.2 Onnne
>Earth Still Turns While I Am Still On It, The
>Until It All Went Terribly Awry
>Little Fire
>House of the Rising Sun
>Light Erases the Thought
>Fog Rolls
>Wind That Brought the Fire, The
>Do Ut Des
>Arab Spring
>When $100 Was Precious
>Hundred Buck Stopped Here, The
>Monkey and Determination
>Song Like This, A
>Could Have Been an Ankles Tableau
>Music For the Modern Man, Pt. 3
>I Hate Zero Crossings
>Distance, No Distance
>I Can Imagine You Dancing To This
>Down the Drain
>Red Winged Blackbird
>I Forget
>Sonic Wrubble
>Life is Too Precious...
>Normal Nagual
>Ninety-Nine Ninety-Nine
>Malchiro (When Blossoms Fall They Look Like They're Dancing)
>Snow Falls on the Rising Tide
>Feeble Little Weakling
>Hum! Scratch!! Rub!!!
>Stairwell Blues
>White Byrd

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

In October of 2010, guitarists Nick Didkovsky and Chuck O'Meara bought a used $100 electric guitar online. They didn't know what it sounded like or if it even worked, but were charmed by its no-name vibe. After receiving the instrument, they contacted a few friends about writing and recording a piece on the guitar. Word spread quickly, and within weeks, the $100 Guitar Project was born. Over two years, 65 guitarists wrote and recorded a piece on the instrument, each passing the guitar on to the next player (the guitar traveled all over the USA, including Hawaii, and to western Europe as well). Stylistically, the players come from every corner of the guitar-playing world: classical to blues; jazz to country; rock to experimental. Donating their services to a good cause, a royalty on every sale of the $100 Guitar Project will be paid to CARE, a leading organization fighting global poverty. The 65 guitarists are: Andy Aledort, Greg Anderson, Ron Anderson, Joe Berger, Michael Bierylo, Biota, Blancah, Joe Bouchard, Bill Brovold, Phil Burk, Juan Parra Cancino, Marco Cappelli, Marty Carlson, Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Rhys Chatham, Barry Cleveland, Nels Cline, Amy Denio, Jon Diaz, Nick Didkovsky, Thomas Dimuzio, Bruce Eisenbeil, Karl Evangelista, Janet Feder, Caroline Feldmeier, Ken Field, Fred Frith, Wiek Hijmans, Mark Hitt, Henry Kaiser, Raymond T. Kallas, Mike Keneally, Jesse Krakow, Jesse Kranzler, Mike Lerner, Taylor Levine, David Linaburg, Josh Lopes, Steve MacLean, Tom Marsan, Colin Marston, Ava Mendoza, Julia A. Miller, Roger C. Miller, James Moore, Chris Murphy, Chuck O'Meara, Marco Oppedissano, Kai Niggeman, Han-earl Park, Shawn Persinger is Prester John, Larry Polansky, Del Rey, Teisco Del Rey with Bob Spalding, Keith Rowe, Elliott Sharp, John Shiurba, Alex Skolnick, Mark Solomon, David Starobin, Mark Stewart, Hans Tammen, Matt Wilson, Bruce Zeines, and Zwerm.

American Record Guide, May/June 2013
The idea for this project is interesting. Two guitarist- composers, Chuck O'Meara and Nick Didkovsky, bought an electric guitar for $100. They decided to pass the instrument around to other guitarist friends and see what they could come up with using the guitar and whatever else they had available. Very quickly, over 60 people had committed to the project. The results generously fill two CDs. Most of the works are short, under two minutes. Fred Firth's 'Light Erases the Thought' is by far the longest at over six minutes. Didkovsky's 'I Can Imagine You Dancing to This' runs eight seconds. Along the way, we get lots of rock, country, heavy metal, blues - and quite a few experimental works that create sound collages of various stripes.

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: Chuck O'Meara; Nick Didkovsky.

Recording information: Big Dog/Little Dog Studios, Spicewood, TX (10/23/2010-09/21/2012); Chatfield Manor, Leucadia, CA (10/23/2010-09/21/2012); Jalopy, Red Hook (10/23/2010-09/21/2012); John Kilgore's Sound & Recording, New York, NY (10/23/2010-09/21/2012); NRS Studios, Catskill, NY (10/23/2010-09/21/2012); Punos Music (10/23/2010-09/21/2012).

Photographers: Scott Friedlander; Emon Hassan.


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