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Ludovico Einaudi (Composer/Piano): In a Time Lapse

Track List

>Time Lapse
>Discovery at Night
>Two Trees
>Newton's Cradle

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Ludovico Einaudi's In A Time Lapse was composed over a period of two years and recorded in October 2012 in a monastery near Verona. Epic and emotional as his bestselling album Divenire, experimental and adventurous as Nightbook, In A Time Lapse goes further by incorporating baroque and Italian folk music, late romantic strings textures and a wide variety of colors through percussion and electronics. The theme is a deep reflection on the idea of time; in the words of Einaudi, "When you get conscious that our time is limited, it's the moment where you try to fill that space with all your energy and emotions... and live every moment of your life fully as when you were a child." The album features Einaudi's band and the string orchestra I Virtuosi Italiani.

Classic FM
The Italian composer strikes gold once more with a haunting combination of dreamlike piano tunes and busy orchestral soundscapes.

The Independent
It's not hard to understand why Ludovico Einaudi is one of the world's most successful living classical composers: there's a deeply satisfying emotional logic to his piano-based progressions that makes him as much the inheritor of Chopin and Satie as minimalists such as Glass and Reich.

Album Notes

Audio Mixer: Michael Seberich.

Recording information: Villa San Fermo, Lonigo, Vincenza, Italy.

Editor: Gianluca Mancini.

Photographers: Beniamino Barrese; Alex Freidin-Goss.

Arranger: Ludovico Einaudi .

Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, grandson of an early president of postwar Italy and student of Luciano Berio, has at times used either his first or his last name solo. His music is a bit difficult to pin down, for it treads up to the lines of minimalism, new age, and pop piano without quite going over any of them. It depends on repeated, slowly shifting piano figures but is too grand to be really minimalist. Stress reduction and contemplativeness are the chief virtues ascribed to it by its admirers, but it doesn't have the improvisatory jazz basis of American new age music. And though individual junctures might sound like passages from Elton John, the music tends to stop short of pop emotional payoffs and go off in a new direction. This generic slipperiness is the key to Einaudi's appeal, which seems set to expand to the U.S.: as in the days of old, where recorded music was conceived of primarily as an aid to selling live concert tickets, In a Time Lapse comes stickered with an American tour schedule. Should you try it out? Einaudi has the odd combination of being original without being especially challenging; his music sort of lies there. But this release may well be a good place to start. Its most noticeable new feature is a light overlay of pop electronics not present on Einaudi's solo piano and piano-and-orchestra music. It actually works well, lending rhythmic and textural variety to the beginnings of each piece. The music soon enough progresses into chord arpeggios on Einaudi's piano, but he has the opportunity to apply his simple musical logic to a variety of moods. This, too, sets the music apart from new age models. In short, who knows? Even if crossover is not your bag, you may find yourself drawn by this. Or maybe you just want something that will relax you in freeway traffic. Einaudi could work either way.


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