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Carlo Gesualdo: Sesto Libro di Madrigali

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> Madrigali libro sesto - Se la mia morte brami
> Madrigali libro sesto - Belta, poi che t'assenti
> Madrigali libro sesto - Tu piangi, o Filli mia
> Madrigali libro sesto - Resta di darmi noia
> Madrigali libro sesto - Chiaro risplender suole
> Madrigali libro sesto - Io parto, e non piu dissi
> Madrigali libro sesto - Mille volte il di moro
> Madrigali libro sesto - O dolce mio tesoro
> Madrigali libro sesto - Deh, come invan sospiro
> Madrigali libro sesto - Io pur respiro in cosi gran dolore
> Madrigali libro sesto - Alme d'Amor rubelle
> Madrigali libro sesto - Candido e verde fiore
> Madrigali libro sesto - Ardita Zanzaretta
> Madrigali libro sesto - Ardo per te, mio bene
> Madrigali libro sesto - Ancide sol la morte
> Madrigali libro sesto - Quel 'no' crudel che la mia speme ancise
> Madrigali libro sesto - Moro, lasso, al mio duolo
> Madrigali libro sesto - Volan quasi farfalle
> Madrigali libro sesto - Al mio gioir il ciel si fa sereno
> Madrigali libro sesto - Tu segui, o bella Clori
> Madrigali libro sesto - Ancor che per amarti
> Madrigali libro sesto - Gia piansi nel dolore
> Madrigali libro sesto - Quando ridente e bella

Album Summary

>Gesualdo, Carlo : Madrigals, Book 6

Notes & Reviews:

American Record Guide, July/August 2013
La Compagnia Del Madrigale is a newly formed ensemble, made up of top-rank singers who have performed this type of music together for 20 years in leading vocal ensembles. The founding members are soprano Rossana Bertini, tenor Giuseppe Maletto (also credited as the recording engineer and deserving of special recognition for the superb sound quality), and bass Daniele Carnovich.

BBC Music Magazine, August 2013
These extremely accomplished singers makes sense of these notoriously wayward and enigmatic works... they are able to capture the kaleidoscopic thoughts of the poetry, producing clarity of utterance in spite of the intricate counterpoint.

Gramophone Magazine, October 2013
A masterclass in quicksilver dynamic shading, meticulous cadential shaping, crystal-clear poetic declamation and flawlessy judged harmonic shifts.

MusicWeb International, 29th May 2013
This is an example of superb madrigal singing. The individual voices produce a beautiful sound, and their qualities can be admired in the many short episodes for reduced forces. Their voices also perfectly blend and intonation is impeccable. These are absolute prerequisites in madrigals in which harmony is such a crucial element.

The Observer, 13th January 2013
The small vocal ensemble La Compagnia del Madrigale captures the refinement of these gems with technical ease but avoids ever being too smooth. An essential spontaneity and urgency ignite these intense performances.

David Smith, 4th March 2013
In the Sixth Book of Madrigals, flamboyantly performed by the Compagnia del Madrigale, we really get the full force of his imagination. These works sound alien even to modern ears, so the effect over four hundred years ago must have been incredible. The parts continually twist and contort themselves in strange and unfamiliar ways - disorientating, yes, but absolutely gripping at the same time!

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: Chiesa della BV Maria del Monte Carmelo al Colletto, Ro (06/2012/07/2012).


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Works Details

>Gesualdo, Carlo : Madrigals, Book 6
  • Running Time: 4 min. 6 sec.
  • Period Time: Renaissance
  • Form: Choral
  • Written: 1611