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Anthony Trollope: The Warden

Track List

>Warden, The
>Chapter 2: The Barchester Reformer
>Dr. Grantly, Who Has As Many Eyes As Argus.
>Chapter 3: The Bishop of Barchester
>Mr. Harding's Demeanour Certainly Impressed Bold.
>Chapter 4: Hiram's Bedesmen
>'Who's To Harm You, Man' Argued Spriggs.
>Chapter 5: Dr. Grantly Visits the Hospital
>When the Two Clergymen Appeared, They All Uncovered Their Heads.
>Chapter 6: the Warden's Tea - Party
>How Comes It That Now, When All Should Be Silent.
>Chapter 7: The Jupiter
>Chapter 8: Plumstead Episcopi
>Charles James Was an Exact and Careful Boy.
>On the Whole, Therefore, I Found the Rectory a Dull House.
>Chapter 9: the Conference
>Bishop Could Feel For Him and Sympathise With Him., The
>Chapter 10: Tribulation
>So Eleanor, As Was Now Her Wont, Went Up To Mary Bold.
>Chapter 11: Iphigenia
>'No One Who Knows Mr. Harding Personally Accuses Him For a Moment.'
>Chapter 12: Mr. Bold's Visit To Plumstead
>When Bold Was Ushered Into the Book - Room.
>Chapter 13: The Warden's Decision
>Poor Eleanor! This Was Hard Upon Her.
>Chapter 14: Mount Olympus
>It Was Not To Mount Olympus That Our Friend Bold Betook Himself.
>Chapter 15: Tom Towers, Dr. Anticant, and Mr. Sentiment
>This Was All Very Well: This Gave Us Some Hope.
>How Calmly Impassive Was Tom Towers' Face.
>Chapter 16: A Long Day In London
>Mr. Harding Was Not Much Edified By the Manner of the Service.
>Chapter 17: Sir Abraham Haphazard
>Chapter 18: The Warden is Very Obstinate
>Warden Hung His Head, and Made No Reply., The
>Chapter 19: The Warden Resigns
>Having Written These Letters and Made a Copy of the Former One.
>Chapter 20: Farewell
>On the Evening Before He Left, He Summoned All the Beadsmen.
>Chapter 21: Conclusion


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