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Death Wolf: II: Black Armoured Death *

Track List

>Noche de Brujas
>World Serpent
>Lord of Putrefaction
>Darkness of Hel
>Sudden Bloodletter
>Malice Striker
>Night Stalker
>Luciferian Blood Covenant
>Black Armoured Death
>Death Wolf March
>Little Black Angel
>Snake Mountain

Album Notes

Swedish metal band Death Wolf's second album, Black Armoured Death runs the gamut of heavy, harrowing sounds from start to finish. The thrashy, chugging riffs of "World Serpent" give way to deep sludgy slowness on "Lord of Putrefaction," with sultry lead vocals trading off with screamy choruses before fading into a more dramatic choral coda. While the majority of the record tends toward the sludgy, moments of hardcore, death metal, and even screamo pop up, such as on the blastbeat-fueled "Sudden Bloodletter." ~ Fred Thomas


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