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Justin Wilson: The Old Master Story Teller/Keep It Clean

Track List

>Introduction and What Is a Cajun?
>Coastguard Trainee, The
>Hunting Lamb, The
>New King of Plow Horse
>Reluctant Student, The
>Real Weight, The
>Thunderstorm Sanctuary, The
>Lost Wallet, The
>Saleable Horse, The
>Winless Candidate, The
>Fear Motivation
>Out of Gas/Closing
>Introduction and What is Is a Cajun?
>Preoccupied Cajuns, The
>Modest Old Maiden, The
>Smart Cajun, The
>Very Bright Nine Year Old, The
>Useless Disguise, The
>Vulnerable Aggressor, The
>Very Big Truch, The
>6 Feet 3 3/4 Inch, 78 Pound Redhead, The
>Cajun Journalism, The
>Dreamer, The
>Language Barrier/Closing, The

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: Debra Copes; Wayne Meaux.

An icon of Southern humor, Justin Wilson (1914-2001) was America's foremost Cajun comedian, telling funny tales of the people of South Louisiana's bayou country that earned him a large and loyal audience in the deep South, while he was better recognized in the rest of the country for his long-running cooking show and best-selling cookbooks. Two of the many comedy albums Wilson recorded for Louisiana's Paula Records are paired up on this CD release. 1972's The Old Master Story Teller features several of Wilson's best and best-known routines, including "The Coast Guard Trainee," "The Thunderstorm Sanctuary," and "Out of Gas." 1974's Keep It Clean offers more of the same, closing with his traditional apology for the mild swearing that often popped up in his show. Other selections include "The Modest Old Maiden," The Very Bright Nine Year Old," and "The Cajun Journalist." ~ Mark Deming


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