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Collin Moulton: Cowlicks

Track List

>Garage Sale Economy
>No Weirdos!
>Parenting and Ugly Babies
>Stupid Hate and Cooking Kids
>Domestic Violence Advocates
>40 Cent Hell Gig
>Paleolithic Assumption
>Daddy Long Legs
>Murdering Kidnappers
>Bank Robbery
>Naked Bike Race
>Florida Swingers & Ditch Gators
>Erection Responsibility
>Frozen Eggs
>Racist Dogs
>Pyramid Slaves
>Falling On the Boner For Salvation
>Lying On My Buddy
>Fitting In
>Interests Outside of My Wardrobe
>European Accents
>Latino Flavor
>When To Pray
>C-C-C-C-Cop Story


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