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Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex / Peter Pears, Martha Modl, Helmut Krebs, Werner Hessenland. Igor Stravinsky/Cologne RSO

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> Oedipus Rex - Prologue
> Oedipus Rex - Act I: Caedit nos pestis (Chorus, Oedipus)
> Oedipus Rex - Act I: Sehen Sie dort, Kreon (Speaker)
> Oedipus Rex - Act I: Respondit deus (Kreon, Oedipus)
> Oedipus Rex - Act I: Oedipus befragt den Quell der Wahrheit (Speaker)
> Oedipus Rex - Act I: Delie, expectamus Minerva (Chorus, Tiresias, Oedipus)
> Oedipus Rex - Act I: Gloria, gloria, gloria! (Chorus)
> Oedipus Rex - Act II: Der Streit der Fursten ruft Jocaste herbei (Speaker)
> Oedipus Rex - Aria: Non erubescite, reges (Jocaste, Chorus, Oedipus)
> Oedipus Rex - Act II: Der einzige Zeuge der Mordtat (Speaker)
> Oedipus Rex - Act II: Adest omniscius (Messenger, Chorus, Hirte, Oedipus)
> Oedipus Rex - Act II: Horen Sie den beruhmten Monolog (Speaker)
> Oedipus Rex - Act II: Divum jocastae caput mortuum (Messenger, Chorus)

Notes & Reviews:

The recordings on this album were recorded the day before Stravinsky conducted the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra at the Funkhaus at Wallrafplatz on October 8, 1951. The success of the concert was incredible. One listen to these recordings convinces the listener of the excellence of the choir, the first-class solo-ensemble and the young orchestra


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