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Fanfara Tirana/Transglobal Underground: Kabatronics

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Two maverick groups, Albanian brass maestros Fanfara Tirana and Britain's eclectic world-fusion collective Transglobal Underground, team up for Kabatronics - a dynamic cross-border, cross-cultural jamboree. Drawing on a wealth of musical treasures, Balkan and otherwise, they exchange ideas, melodies and lyrics to tell new tales of mystery and re-imagination in a sparkling celebration of life, love and solidarity with its roots in history and its sights on the future.

The grand masters of global fusion Transglobal Underground team up with Albanian brass band Fanfara Tirana, one of the finest acts in the genre, on Kabatronics. This partnership originally started two years ago as a remix project. It was expanded into a full blown collaboration with an exchange of musical ideas. Transglobal Underground provides a set of irresistible electronic and global beats, Sheema Mukherjee's outstanding sitar, spoken word and dancehall. Fanfara Tirana adds inspired vocals, lively clarinet solos, evocative trumpet, percussion and lots of sensational brass.


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